Here’s how The UPS Store Fairview can help you give and get the goods this holiday season

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With more and more people making online purchases, Kim Myers (right) and team members like Collin Lowry (left) at The UPS Store Fairview offer tips and tricks for getting the goods here and there before the holidays. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

For UPS, the 2020 Christmas crush came early…very early. Thanks to our increased reliance on online shopping since Covid, the company reports a surge in operations beginning in April.

But the trained and highly efficient workers at The UPS Store in Fairview Park are well equipped to handle the influx.

“We’ve brought in extra supplies and extended our hours to include Sundays and evenings. We’re ready for anything,” says local store owner Kim Myers. “It’s been a bustling summer and fall leading into the holiday season. And with more people shopping online, we’re also dealing with parents who cannot visit their college-age children due to restrictions, sending care packages to college campuses all over the country.”

Anyone who has seen the witty “ing” commercials for UPS, gets the message that they do so much more than shipping.

You can depend on them for everything from printing—including holiday cards—to packing, notarizing, faxing, scanning, shredding, laminating, consulting and designing any project you might need.

In addition to shipping, you can depend on Kim Myers’ The UPS Store Fairview for everything from printing—including holiday cards—to packing, notarizing, faxing, scanning, shredding, laminating, consulting and designing any project you might need.

A Place Where Everyone Knows Your Name
Rounding out Kim’s dream team at the front desk are Store Manager Collin Lowry and Sherry Lucas. Familiar face and longtime past employee Michaela Ferrara, who is now a law student, is expected to make a return soon to pitch in.

“As a true neighborhood, family-operated business, we make a point to get to know our customers’ names,” says Kim. “We appreciate how stressed out people are right now. Many of our customers are going through a lot of anxiety, and our goal is to return them to a level of comfort. We offer curbside to whomever asks for it, and keep our store meticulously clean.”

Growing Demand for Private Mailboxes
With the uncertainty of workplaces nowadays and many people working from home, Kim says they’ve seen increased demand for private mailboxes.

“They make sense for anyone who needs a street address and privacy, people running small businesses and snowbirds,” she says. “Unlike the post office, we accept packages from all shipping carriers (FedEx, DHK, Amazon), and notify folks via e-mail or text notifications when a package arrives. There’s safe and secure 24-hour access to the boxes. Mailbox holders also enjoy discounts on shipping, packing, printing and notarizing.”

Another consideration is front porch theft. Private mailboxes provide a safety net against this.

With more people working from home, the demand for private mailboxes is on the rise. The UPS Store Fairview accepts packages from all carriers.

“Rather than having expensive online packages sitting on your doorstep when you’re not at home, let us receive them and notify you they are here,” she says.

When it Has to Go Back
On Saturday, December 26, as soon as all the wrapping paper littering the floor is tossed, it’s time to decide what needs to go back.

UPS makes that a breeze with the 360 Returns Program.

“All people need to do is drop off their returns and our certified packing experts will make sure it gets where it needs to go,” says Kim. “With more gifts this year coming from Amazon, obviously the number of returns will go up, too. We ensure your return refund comes quickly back to you.”

The Sooner, The Better
With the holidays around the corner, Kim Myers, of The UPS Store in Fairview, advises people to get their shopping and shipping needs taken care of sooner, rather than later.

“The supply chains seem to be backed up across the board for retailers,” she says. “Many items are on back-order. It’s a trickle-down situation. We hope people are aware that elements in the process are delayed, and it’s more than just due to the holidays. Our drivers have been operating at peak season level since Covid hit in the spring.”

Historically, she says their busiest days of the year are December 14 and 15.

Ground shipping is not currently guaranteed, but does come with predicted delivery dates. Here are some official UPS cutoff dates to keep in mind if you absolutely have to have it there by Christmas:

Monday, December 21This is the last day to ship UPS 3 Day Select for packages for delivery on Thursday, December 24.
Wednesday, December 23 This is the last day to ship UPS Next Day Air packages scheduled for delivery on Thursday, December 24, with a UPS On-Call or scheduled pickup.
• Wednesday, December 25No UPS pickup or delivery service, except for UPS Express Critical service.

The UPS Store is located within the Fairview Shopping Center at 21887 Lorain Road in Fairview Park. Extended holiday hours starting the Sunday before Thanksgiving through the end of January are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.; Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; Sunday, noon to 4:00 p.m. Call 440-333-4877 or email to schedule special shipping arrangements or to find out more about their services. Visit online at for more general information.

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