Get your body bikini-ready, just in time for summer

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If you’ve struggled in the past to get your bod beach-ready, why not get a little help?

By Kim Weaver, Skin Care Solutions Elite Medispa

Is anyone past the age of 30 really happy with the way they look in a bathing suit?

Before you know it, bikini season will be upon us and there’ll be nowhere to hide for cover.

But thanks to one of the newest advances in fat reduction—CoolSculpting—getting rid of stubborn fat from localized areas of the inner and outer thighs, stomach, arms, love handles and double chin is effortless and relatively painless.

The minimally invasive technology is an about-face from traditional surgical fat-loss procedures, such as liposuction. The breakthrough science behind CoolSculpting, known as cryolipolysis, was actually discovered by doctors at Harvard Medical School, who studied children who ate lots of popsicles that developed hollow cheeks. They put two and two together and found that cold temperatures can freeze and destroy fat cells.

In terms of fat reduction and body sculpting, the procedure has taken doctors and patients where they’ve always wanted to go.

Here’s how it works:

  • The area being treated is gently sucked into a hand-held vacuum applicator and cooled.
  • You are sitting down or laying comfortably during the session.
  • After the applicator is removed, the technician gently massages the area to encourage initial elimination of the dead cells.
  • Fat cells are crystallized, die, and are then naturally eliminated from the body…permanently.
  • The painless treatment takes less than an hour, and there’s no downtime, no needles, no anesthesia. You can have it done on a lunch hour and go right back to work.
  • Since the dead cells aren’t immediately eliminated, the final results may take several weeks to be noticeable. And several sessions may be needed to achieve optimal results.

If you’ve struggled in the past to get your bod beach-ready, why not get a little help? You just might bag that swimsuit cover-up altogether.

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