Get a better flooring buying experience at Floorz, without the higher price

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Find out why more homeowners are choosing Brian Erickson’s Floorz to be underfoot in their homes. Going on right now, dramatic savings on all Shaw products. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Beth Newcomb

Unlike some stores that attract just the bargain shopper, or others that cater to the luxury crowd, Floorz has something in store for everyone.

“We’ve found that regardless of where a customer falls on the pricing scale, he or she always wants an experience that includes dealing with seasoned professionals, top designers and expert installers—all in a comfortable, no-pressure environment,” says Brian Erickson, owner of the Copley-based flooring mecca, with a second, just-opened location in Strongsville.

“We don’t hide installation charges in the price, or mark our flooring up so we can put it on sale. And because we buy direct, we’ve cut out the expensive middle man, something the box stores and other flooring warehouse-style stores can’t do. And you can find superior quality and thousands of different styles—without paying more. In fact, we’re regularly priced lower than any of our competition.”

Brian smiles when he reiterates what seems to be his new mantra, “If you haven’t been to Floorz in a while, you haven’t been to Floorz. We’re constantly reinventing ourselves, bringing in the latest styles, textures and options.”

You don’t have to pay more to enjoy better quality flooring. Brian Erickson’s Floorz can meet or beat any price.

One of the newest modifications to the Floorz store is the addition of the fabulously colorful Shaw wall. The tribute to all things Shaw carpeting highlights more than 150 different colors, styles and grades, so the options are plentiful. Floorz is a dedicated premium dealer for virtually every manufacturer’s line, and Shaw plays prominently in the store layout. The color wall is separated into three categories: good, better and blue. The first two options are obvious, but, blue?

“It’s 100 percent waterproof,” Brian explains. “The backing is covered in Shaw’s Lifeguard, which is accident-proof protection against pet messes and liquids. Nothing gets through it.”

Lifeguard isn’t limited to selections on the color wall, you’ll also find it supporting other Shaw lines, like the high-end Bellera, which boasts a stunning collection of modern-traditional patterns and textures. “Obvious Choice” in Chameleon is one of my favorites. Mimicking the look of a beach with waves that approach and recede, it’s a modern earthy tone with green and slate hints, suitable for any room.

“That’s one of Shaw’s signature moves,” Brian says. “Whatever your style, taste or décor, they’ve got a carpet to bring it to life. The patterns and textures run the gamut, and the color choices are in keeping with the varying tastes of homeowners today.”

Floorz boasts thousands of flooring options in every category, and that includes hardwood. Brian says Shaw’s premium Floorté collection is as durable as it is trendy. Arctic Maple, for example, highlights a whisper of grey in a color-washed application.

Epic Plus hardwoods come in varying widths and boast Shaw’s Scuff Resist platinum finish, and the company’s Extreme Nature collection is a must to explore. The farmhouse-style appeal of what Shaw says are the longest and widest engineered hardwood planks in its hardwood collection are as distinctive as they are trendy. The gorgeous, rough-finished look is ideal for busy family rooms.

“People are often surprised by the variety of products Shaw offers,” Brian notes. “Largely considered a ‘carpeting company,’ Shaw really brings it in the other categories, too.”

Think tile, stone, laminate and vinyl along with the aforementioned carpet and wood.

If you love a carpet style but long for the look of hardwood, Brian says any luxurious Shaw carpet can be made into a rug to fit your room.

Floorz boasts thousands of flooring options in every category.

And like a true carpet nerd, Brian practically gushes when he describes Shaw’s warranties.

“Well, they are transferrable. I know warranties aren’t sexy, but a good one is hard to find,” he says, always the comedian. “Shaw’s warranty is non-prorated and it even covers stains. If you get a stain on your carpet and can’t get it out, they’ll replace it. Labor is included, which is unheard of.”

Brian isn’t shy about extolling the virtues of his own warranty as well, which covers one year on all hard surfaces and a lifetime on carpeting.

In addition to Shaw’s exceptional line of vinyl plank flooring, arguably the hottest flooring trend to come along since shag carpeting, Brian’s Floorz offers its own line of waterproof plank flooring called Floorz Pro Line. It’s kind of a big deal when you consider this family owned business started modestly before blossoming into one of the area’s flooring leaders.

Breaking Baths
The Floorz name has become so trusted in the industry and among local homeowners, Brian and his crew were able to branch out and add bathroom remodeling to the roster of services.

“No matter what size your bathroom update, we’re happy to help you make the transformation,” Brian says. “Our highly skilled install team can even completely gut your bathroom and rebuild it from the ground up. There’s a lot of flexibility when you work with us, and, unlike most contractors, we’re more than willing to tackle the small jobs.”

In Montrose, find Floorz at 143 Rothrock Road, in Copley, across the plaza from Home Depot. The phone number is 330-630-3330. In Strongsville, Floorz is located at 17100 Royalton Road, in the Ledgewood Plaza. The phone number is 440-638-1388. Hours for both stores are Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sunday, noon-5 p.m. For more information, visit