Enhance your time spent outdoors with the highest quality products and services from Mapledale Farm

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Dave Johnson’s Mapledale Farm has a long history of providing the highest quality products and service to customers. It is a haven for people who want a high-level look for their yard or business. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Mary Malik

Lawn care maintenance, mulch and garden preparations are just around the corner. It’s time to prepare the outside of your home for friends and family to enjoy. Dave Johnson, owner of Mapledale Farm in Chardon, is ready with everything you need to get your home or business ready for summer. They are now offering curbside pickup for customer convenience during these times. Gift cards are also now available online and in the store.

“For homeowners, contractors and municipalities, Mapledale Farm has bulk materials, hand tools, outdoor furniture and more,” says Dave. “We have the products you need and the knowledge and experience to guide you through any projects you have planned.”

Mapledale’s bulk materials include mulch, compost, gravel, sand, stone, pavers, topsoil and anything having to do with landscape or drainage work. Dave and his team take great pride in the products they offer. The quality is unmatched which, as Dave says, makes everyone look good.

Mapledale Farm specializes in custom retaining walls, patio’s and landscape design. They have the crews and equipment for any size landscape installation and planting.

“In this business, quality is most important,” says Dave. “We offer premium grass seed and fertilizer. Our tools are professional grade. Our mulch is a better grind with better consistency and nothing mixed in. This is important to avoid mold or fungus in your beds. Our customers rely on the consistent quality of our products to help them present their best to their clients.”

Readying any outdoor setting for summer fun involves everything from preparing your lawn and flower beds to planning outdoor furnishings. Mapledale Farm is proud to offer exclusively in the Chardon area two lines of maintenance-free poly outdoor furniture, which Dave promises can be the last outdoor furniture you’ll ever buy. And there are cheap imitations out there, so buyer beware.

“Our poly furniture is the highest quality, heavyweight and fade, crack and rot resistant,” says Dave. “Leave it out in the elements and it remains like the day you bought it.”

Mapledale Farm has poly furniture in stock or place your order now and have it in three or four weeks. Both catalogs are available online at MapledaleLandscaping.com/resin-furniture.

Attractive, comfortable, durable and resilient, poly furniture is a great option for outdoor furnishings in Northeast Ohio. You’ll find it, along with mailboxes and birdhouses of the same material, at Mapledale Farm.

Mapledale Farm has a long history of providing the highest quality products and service to customers. Starting as a dairy farm in 1874, Mapledale Farm has reinvented itself many times, but its goal has always remained the same, to provide quality products and services to customers.

“My family has always put service and integrity first,” says Dave. “I grew up learning to do just about anything with my hands. I was a mechanic for years and wanted to make a change. I decided to focus on the landscaping maintenance business in 1982.”

Two people who continue to play a large role in the expertise and service that Mapledale Farm has consistently offered over the years are Lance Fay, head of landscape design and construction, and Jeff Winfield, head of grounds/lawn maintenance and turf care.

“Lance has been with me over 25 years and Jeff more than 20 years,” says Dave. “I can’t say enough about what they offer our customers in terms of knowledge and expertise in their particular areas. Big or small, they’ll guide you through a project and get you the result you’re looking for.”

Mapledale’s bulk materials include mulch, compost, gravel, sand, stone, pavers, topsoil and anything having to do with landscape or drainage work.

Along with employee longevity, Mapledale Farm also has clients they’ve had since the beginning.

“Thirty-eight years,” says Dave. “That’s how long some of our commercial clients have been with us. It’s about trust, integrity and going the extra mile. Landscape maintenance is one less thing they need to worry about so they can concentrate on their business. We’ve also done lighting projects, concrete work, electrical, even painting for our clients. Whatever they need. We take these relationships very seriously.”

And speaking of lasting relationships, Mapledale Farm has a long history of community involvement.

“We are Chardon Rotary members, and we do the turf care for Leroy Community Chapel,” says Dave. “We’re involved with Boys Scouts, Hambden Grange and fire department, Hambden Community Day, Hannah’s Home in Mentor, and many more.”

Mapledale Farm donates a large piece of land to the juvenile court system and prepares it for youths to plant, cultivate and harvest the land as part of the justice program.

In an effort to become more green, Mapledale Farm is one of the only registered compost facilities in Geauga County.

“We make our own biofuel for the diesel equipment, heat our buildings with waste oil furnaces and make our own salt brine for less environmental impact,” says Dave.

And for your garden, Dave offers some tips to prepare your lawn and flower beds for the season.

“Don’t put mulch down over rock hard soil,” says Dave. “Cultivate your soil so it can absorb and evaporate moisture, then put down a two-inch layer of our mulch.”

Dave also suggest putting down a pre-emergent on your lawn to keep weeds away.

“This should be done before your soil temperature goes above 52 degrees,” says Dave. “Stop in and see us. And don’t forget your soil sample. We’ll analyze it and put a plan together for you based on your needs.”

As Dave says, “We do our best so our customers can do theirs.”

Mapledale Farm is located at 9763 Old State Rd. in Chardon. For more information call 440-286-3389 or check the website, MapledaleLandscaping.com.