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Should you floss a roid?

The internet is full of miracle cures for everything from erectile dysfunction to weight loss. Even hemorrhoids have their place among the do-it-yourself home remedies. One method involves wrapping dental floss around the base of the hemorrhoid and tying it as tight as you can manage. In addition to the navigational challenges is the...

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Relax, it’s only your butt

I get it. Anything that pertains to your rear end can be a source of amusement or embarrassment. The latter keeps many people from coming to see me as soon as they notice the pain, burning and itch associated with hemorrhoids. Eventually they decide the gain is far better than living with the pain and schedule an appointment. Here’s...

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Who gets hemorrhoids?

I ’d like to dispel a few of the myths about who gets hemorrhoids—and who doesn’t. Age - When it comes to hemorrhoids, age really is just a number. I’ve seen patients that range in age from their teens up to their 90s. So despite what many people might think, young people can be just as susceptible to getting hemorrhoids as older...

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What is the perfect poop?

Hemorrhoids start out as normal tissue called anal cushions. This inflatable tissue just inside the anal canal fills with blood to form a strong hydraulic seal, keeping what’s inside, well, inside. When you put pressure on your abs, like when you lift something heavy, those cushions instantly inflate to keep you from leaking. That’s why...

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For the booty, and the foodie

Most people know me as an expert in the field of hemorrhoid treatment, and I’ve helped thousands of patients find relief. But in addition to that form of medicine, I also offer a nutrition and disease reversal program called Cleveland Nutrition. It’s a plant-based nutrition program that helps people recover their health, get off of...

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