Daso Custom Cabinetry holds a top spot for design, quality and workmanship

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The stunning quality and workmanship represented in every cabinet Daso Custom Cabinetry creates elevates this company to a tier all its own.

By Patricia Nugent

Jeff Daso is living his own version of the American Dream. It goes like this…

The Setting: A small family garage on a dairy farm in the cornfields of Wayne County, Ohio.

The Character: An ambitious, hard-working 19-year-old with a passion for woodworking.

The Plot: Though he had tried a year studying business at college, the lure of doing his own woodworking brought him back home. He did not let the fact that there wasn’t much of a market for high-end, hand-crafted cabinetry deter his belief in his craft.

“Little by little, demand for my cabinets grew, and I was able to move out of my parents’ garage and into a small building in Seville,” says Jeff. “I hired one employee, my cousin.”

As a self-taught woodworker, at first Jeff mentored under a cabinetmaker.

“Then I made a point to hire people who were better than me so I could also learn from them,” he says.

The discipline worked. Six years ago, he opened Daso Custom Cabinetry in Strongsville. To keep up with demand, three years ago he opened another showroom down in Dublin. Today he collaborates with architects, builders and designers across the country to bring luxurious design to life.

Why “Made in Ohio” Matters
“I wouldn’t have built my business without making sure everything we do is custom-made right here in Ohio and sourced only from American vendors,” says Jeff. “We are buttoned-down on every efficiency and detail in the quality of our cabinets, from start to finish.”

With custom work, there really are no limitations or stock sizes.

“Our finished cabinets are like fine furniture, beautiful and built to last,” he says. “And since there’s no middleman or markups, they cost about the same as stock cabinets.”

Running a Turnkey Operation
As his company grew, to meet his clients’ needs, Jeff started handling every other aspect of a renovation, from design and demolition, to drywall, flooring, countertops and lighting.

“Kitchens and bathrooms are our specialty, but we build everything from entertainment centers and fireplaces to bars and walk-in closets,” he says. “With every job, I’m the first person people see. I go out and measure the job. We establish trust and they know throughout the process, either myself or one of our interior designers will be the ones they will work with.”

Customer service is also what sets Daso Custom Cabinetry apart from the rest.

Six years ago, Jeff Daso opened Daso Custom Cabinetry in Strongsville. Today he collaborates with architects, builders and designers across the country to bring luxurious design to life.

Today, near the same cornfields where he grew up, Jeff has built a 25,000-square-foot state-of-the-art warehouse with all the machinery needed to keep up with his growing clientele.

“I take great pride in how far we’ve come and where we came from,” he says. “Being self-made is important to me. I love supporting our local community and having a staff of 49 immensely talented people whom I am thankful for.”

Showcasing Emerging Trends
Jeff reports that people are looking for clean, simple lines in their cabinetry, traditional style with a modern edge.

“The days of ornate carving and highly detailed work are over,” he says. “We’re also seeing a return to darker woods, such as walnut, which is refreshing after so many years of people opting for white-on-white kitchens. And gold in fixtures and hardware is back as well, which lends a more luxurious look than stainless steel. Black matte finishes are also becoming popular, whether for fixtures or appliances or even countertops.”

Navy blue is the hot color now, which contrasts nicely with creams and whites, he says.

Daso Custom Cabinetry is located at 17200 Pearl Road in Strongsville. Hours are Mondays through Fridays, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays and evenings by appointment. The Dublin location is at 13 South High Street. Call 440-759-3032 or visit DasoCustomCabinetry.com for more information.

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