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Safety for young drivers

Anyone who has children that drive is all too familiar with this scenario: After not driving the kids’ car for months, you take it to get gas and notice it’s making a funny noise or the “check engine” light is on. You mention this to your child and he or she replies, “That’s been going on for a while.” This month, as families...

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With a distinctive coffee line crafted in small batches and a homey atmosphere that invites a linger, we’re all about getting Roasted

Authentic and charming to its core, Roasted Coffee Shop in Olmsted Falls is serving up a host of to-die-for hand-roasted coffee and fruity, summery delights in its signature laid-back atmosphere. Owners Todd and Lauren Phillips are on a first-name basis with most of their customers and stay involved in the community, where they also...

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Those who love working and living at The Village of St. Edward are finding joy again in the things they love most

Everything at The Village of St. Edward revolves around helping its residents live their best life. The communities offer a vibrant style of independent living, with the option to move along their journey through assisted living and memory care if necessary. With locations in Fairlawn, Wadsworth and Green, the Villages offer all the comforts...

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Here’s how the team at My Personal Trainer can help you make the ultimate transformation with a recipe for success

The building block ingredients in the recipe for success in life are consistency and hard work. But when it comes to getting in the best shape, the work needs to be backed by knowledge and expertise. Oftentimes people start an exercise program on their own and abandon it after they don’t start seeing results. You can work hard and with...

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See how to get a dream bath and a dream vacation with Bath R Us

When Chad Howman founded Bath R Us last year, he saw himself more in the dream-fulfillment business than the home remodeling business. Since then, he’s helped hundreds of homeowners get the bathrooms of their dreams—luxurious, high-end looks at affordable prices with ultra-long-lasting finishes. So, it’s only natural that he would seek...

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