Choose to live better at The Echelon of Medina

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Members of The Echelon’s new 90-suite Independent Living community and the 98-unit Assisted Living/Secure Memory Care community (lobby pictured above) enjoy the height of luxury-choice accommodations, abundant amenities and personal attention. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Adam Cook

The conscious integration of the best practices from both the health and hospitality fields makes The Echelon of Medina the assisted living and memory care community of choice for select seniors.

It’s a singular approach to senior living the creators and curators, Owner/Operators Jeff and Jill Risner, describe as “catered living.”

Members of The Echelon’s new 90-suite Independent Living community and the 98-unit Assisted Living/Secure Memory Care community enjoy the height of luxury-choice accommodations, abundant amenities and personal attention.

The independent living community is housed separately from the memory care community to give members room for larger suites and their choice of seven different floor plans, ranging from 510 square feet to 1,140 square feet, with variable pricing options.

“Often moving to an assisted living facility means having to fit into a box,” says Jeff. “People don’t fit into boxes.”

The idea that people are defined by their choices gave rise to The Echelon.

Jeff and Jill believe that people know what’s best for their medical and emotional well-being and the Risners view themselves, along with the rest of the staff and caregivers, as the facilitators of the personal choices members of The Echelon make to enrich their lives. It’s a philosophy of practice known as person-centered care.

Owners/Operators Jill and Jeff Risner

Additionally, the couple realizes that people aren’t part of communities—they take part in communities. Healthy, engaged communities coalesce around individual choice—not shared circumstances such as aging.

“The luxury amenities that exist at The Echelon, like the old-fashioned English pub or the Himalayan salt massage room, dispel any notion that aging is a series of inevitable compromises between the quality of our lives and our or our loved ones’ peace of mind that physical and medical oversight brings,” says Jeff.

Jeff and Jill make clear that members of The Echelon are community co-partners—empowered individuals, not defined by the presence of memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

“Our members are at a stage in life where they know what they want and we respect that,” says Jill. “Seniors often feel confined to an assisted living facility, that, by right, should be their community to create.”

An abundance of amenities gives members opportunities to create their communities through daily self-discovery.

Members can find themselves amidst lush green walls—calming, vertical gardens that filter out pollutants—and along half a mile of walking paths that meander around outdoor fireplaces, under pergola-shaded sitting areas and past a dog park.

They can also expand their horizons. Concierge service makes jaunts into historic downtown Medina accessible. The staff is resourceful in responding to members’ requests and scheduling appointments. A staffing ratio of one-to-eight, compared to the typical one-to-20 ratio found elsewhere, ensures members receive an unparalleled level of personal attention.

The Wellness Center is open for weekly health monitoring by visiting podiatrists, dentists, optometrist, audiologist and other health professionals. The same visiting physicians can even make house calls.

The use of proprietary wearable technology adds another level of personal attention by monitoring members’ overall health and detecting falls and other emergencies that require rapid medical assistance.

Jeff explained that accessibility frees seniors from the limitations they may have experienced living alone, and went on to say accessibility bestows a renewed sense of independence.

“The Echelon provides true independence,” he notes.

The independent living community was built for people who have put in the hard work, reached the age of retirement and are now entering the next stage of their lives.

“It’s important to keep active and engaged throughout this new stage of life, when many of the mainstays of life have fallen away. The fact is, kids grow up, spouses pass away, and retirement cuts off relationships with co-workers,” says Jeff.

Amenities enrich lives by encouraging social activities that bestow psychological and physiological benefits.

“Our members have opportunities to socialize and make friends through activities and amenities, whether a bus trip away or right in the building,” says Jeff. “Social activities provide a place and a purpose—a sense of responsibility to present our best selves to the people we choose to share our lives with.”

In combining the best practices of the health and hospitality fields, The Echelon sets a new standard.

“We’re ready to exceed every expectation,” says Jill.

And the food is everything you’d expect from a five-star hotel. Farm-to-table chef-prepared meals can be made to order any time, day or night.

The memory care community that neighbors the independent living community creates the opportunity for members to age in place.

“We actively listen to our members and respond to the ever-evolving needs of aging through comprehensive, person-centered care,” says Jeff.

“But, ultimately, we are encouraging an emotional shift. The Echelon speaks to a greater need. Through an abundance of amenities and personalized services, our members experience a higher quality of life.”

The Echelon of Medina is located at 635 N. Huntington St. in Medina. Schedule a tour by calling 330-591-2777 or visit to find out how you can position yourself or your loved one for the future.