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Proper Access helps your need for speed

Across the state of Ohio, many people are struggling to connect. What I mean by that is super-slow internet service is making it impossible for them to Zoom, run all their Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets, and surf online without the lag. The need to virtually connect to the outside world continues to be paramount. But the internet of today isn’t...

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Proper Access can help you if your WiFi stinks

You know the scenarios: You’re binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix when the screen suddenly goes black and the buffering wheel appears; or your Zoom meeting freezes with the warning, “Your internet connection is unstable.” While spending hours on hold with Spectrum may seem like your only option, it’s not likely to resolve the...

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Painting Solutions will have you embracing the winter blues…or grays, or greens, or whatever color your heart desires

August can be a tricky month. We have one foot hanging onto summer while the other is dipping its toe into fall. The weather is still warm, but the kids are heading back to school and we’re finding ourselves slowly being forced back indoors to prepare for the winter months. Dan Peck, owner of Painting Solutions in Chardon, loves this time of...

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How will My Personal Trainer pump you up to get you to your goal?

Marketing experts coined the term “customer stickiness” to describe a company or a brand that tends to attract repeat business. Here in Wadsworth, one of the stickiest training studios you’ll find is My Personal Trainer. Unlike most gyms and studios, where people visit for the first month or two, then dwindle down to nothing, once...

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Wearing your wine

We all drink and even cook with wine, but have you heard of wearing it? Through experimentation wineries find uses for the grape skins, pulp, seeds and stems left over after the winemaking process. Some press the grape skins and make a second wine while others use the leftovers, called pomace, as a compost to fertilize the vines or as fodder...

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