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Here’s how you can start saving on energy costs with a heat shield from Window City Pros

The saying, “two’s company, three’s a crowd,” may apply to windowpanes, insists Chad Howman, owner of Window City Pros, which Chad calls the fastest growing replacement window company in Ohio. “You can normally expect to pay 25 to 35% extra to get the energy-saving benefits of triple pane windows,” Chad reveals. “Because of our...

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Four new grapes have been approved for Bordeaux

Last month we talked about the six grapes approved for inclusion in classic red Bordeaux wines. In 2020, after more than 100 years, four more grapes have been added to the list. After a decade of researching and testing grapes, the four additions include Touriga Nacional, a Portuguese varietal; Marselan, a grape originating from southern France,...

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Statins and CoQ10

The information in today’s article is so important, I’m going to get right to it. If you take a statin medication to control cholesterol, health experts say you need to take a supplement called CoQ10. While many people are aware of this need, I’m very concerned with the number of people I speak with who are not. Statin medications...

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Get military-grade protection with Proper Access and don't let your your router get hacked

If you have a computer and want to connect to the internet, you need a router. Your router is the thing that makes that connection happen. It’s the gateway to the world beyond. The problem is, they’re the new way for hackers to gain access to your sensitive information. A decade ago, hackers were only interested in gaining access to your...

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Revitalize your exterior spaces with help from the pros at Painting Solutions

When the weather warms up, many homeowners’ thoughts turn to outdoor living. Have your outdoor spaces taken a beating this winter? How about the exterior surface of your home? It’s time to focus on the outside, and that means painting and deck maintenance. Dan Peck, owner of Painting Solutions Dan Peck, owner of Painting Solutions in...

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