Apex Dermatology: This is Marlise

Apex Marlise
Certified Nurse Practitioner Marlise Fletter is now on the Apex Dermatology staff at the Solon office. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Laura Briedis

It can be said that behind every successful doctor is a terrific nurse. At Apex Dermatology, that especially holds true. Dr. Jorge Garcia-Zuazaga has surrounded himself with certified nurse practitioners who boast impressive credentials as well as the compassionate demeanor that is the hallmark of all five of his skincare offices.

“All of our providers have superior training and deliver the utmost in patient service,” says Dr. Garcia, who served with distinction as a U.S. Marines flight surgeon and did a fellowship at Harvard Medical School before founding Apex Dermatology in 2011.

An innovative skincare center specializing in medical, aesthetic and surgical dermatology, the Apex Dermatology team treats everything from acne and warts to difficult-to-treat skin cancers. Although Apex Dermatology is equipped with the latest high-tech equipment and advanced lasers, it is the dedicated, caring staff that elevates the practice.

And the staff is on the grow. Joining the Solon office is Marlise Fletter, a certified nurse practitioner who grew up in Indiana and moved to Cleveland two years ago. She started her Ohio dermatology practice at the Cleveland Clinic and joined Apex Dermatology in the fall.

With a very personable demeanor and a sense of adventure (she has traveled around the globe from Bali to South Africa and enjoys hiking and skiing), Marlise is passionate about skin care.

“I like to communicate with my patients and develop strong relationships, so together we can work to help improve the health of their skin,” says Marlise, who earned a Bachelor of Arts in communication from Purdue University before getting a Master of Science in nursing from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Marlise educates her patients to watch for the “ABCDEs of melanoma” to detect potentially dangerous spots. Look for asymmetry, irregular borders with jagged or notched edges, spots with multiple colors, diameter that exceeds the size of a pencil eraser and any areas that are evolving—either by getting larger, bleeding, crusting, itching, shrinking or becoming bumpy.

“I tell patients to look for that ‘ugly duckling’—that spot that looks like nothing else on your body,” she says. “But just as important is to be aware of pimples and a little flaky patch that won’t go away and may not be as obvious but can be precancerous.”

If you find a suspicious spot, Apex Dermatology’s SPOTcheck Program guarantees patients will be seen within 72 hours.

“I am very methodical in my screenings, working from the top of the scalp down to the feet,” she explains. “In addition to skin cancers, I also look for signs of aging, acne, psoriasis, eczema and other conditions that can be easily treated.

“There are so many new innovative treatments and medicines for treating conditions, such as acne and psoriasis, that you can truly change people’s lives if you can clear their skin,” she says.

The three things Marlise suggests patients to do, particularly for their face, every day, is to use moisturizer, apply sunscreen and use retinol at night.

For those patients who want to enhance their appearance, Marlise is also well versed in Botox and fillers. “I enjoy aesthetic dermatology, because everyone feels better when they look better,” she comments.

“We transform people’s lives through our work,” adds Apex founder Dr. Garcia. “Our culture is unique because we have drawn caring individuals into the practice who are driven by one common purpose: To empower patients through healthy skin.”

Apex Dermatology has five locations to serve the Greater Cleveland and Akron areas.To schedule an appointment in your area, call 855-440-DERM (3376).

  • Solon
  • Mayfield Heights
  • Parma
  • Hudson
  • Concord

Visit ApexSkin.com for location addresses and detailed information on services offered. Flexible weekday hours are available. Saturday appointments are available at some locations.