Advanced Audiology Concepts The Hearing Center offers tips for connecting with those experiencing hearing loss

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Advanced Audiology Concepts The Hearing Center in Mentor helps people to determine their level of hearing and offers affordable premium solutions.

By Patricia Nugent

When a loved one experiences hearing difficulty or permanent damage to the hearing nerves called hair cells, communicating with them can be challenging, frustrating and even exasperating.

Over time, you may get the sense they haven’t heard you correctly but don’t want to make you repeat what you said. For Dr. Jane Kukula, audiologist and founder of Advanced Audiology Concepts, The Hearing Center in Mentor, that’s simply not acceptable.

She offers some helpful communication strategies:
• Make sure you get the person’s attention before speaking, and always do so face to face. “Oftentimes we find that people have learned to lip read without even realizing it,” she says.

• Reduce background noise as much as possible. Mute the television and ceiling fans. “Rooms with an echo can also present a problem,” says Dr. Jane. “With today’s open floor plans, high ceilings and hardwood floors, it’s best to soften echoes by adding rugs, curtains or fabric wall hangings.”

• Stay close to the person. Don’t speak to them from across the room or from another room.

• “Speak slowly, taking short pauses between sentences and phrases. This allows the brain time to catch up and put all the pieces of dialogue together,” she says.

• Lastly, if someone isn’t deciphering what you’re saying after you repeat it, just rephrase it. “Instead of saying, ‘We’re going to the bank,’ say, ‘We’re going to cash a check.’”

Dr. Jane offers a range of diagnostic services and works with each patient to achieve the best possible level of hearing. She also offers pricing options to make premium hearing aids affordable and hopes anyone who thinks they cannot afford them will stop in and find out they can.

Advanced Audiology Concepts is located at 8897 Mentor Avenue in Mentor. Call the office to set up an audiologic assessment to see how healthy your hearing is at 440-205-8804 or visit