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Flu season and hearing

It is not uncommon to experience some level of hearing loss in conjunction with upper respiratory infections, including colds and the flu. Infections result in inflammation, and sinus and/or nasal...

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The hearing loss threshold

Auditory processing is how the brain interprets what the ear hears. Sarah Curtis, Au.D., founder of Sounds of Life Hearing, explains it in terms of public transportation. “When getting from...

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Dr. Sarah Curtis, of Sounds of Life Hearing, provides hearing aid services to those who are less fortunate, but she needs your help

Sarah Curtis, Au.D., opened her audiology practice, Sounds of Life Hearing, in 2018 with the goal of providing residents of Lake, Geauga and surrounding counties with quality audiology services...

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Before buying hearing aids

If you are experiencing hearing loss and seeking solutions, knowing where to turn for help can be confusing. “Many people are concerned they’ll be ‘sold’ hearing aids,” says Dr. Sarah...

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Hearing loss and fall risk

Even mild hearing loss increases the risk of an accidental fall. It is one of several factors that linked to falls, especially for people over the age of 65. Annually, there are over 3 million...

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