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Northeast Ohio-based band The Shootouts is on the rise with a brand new album and a February 24 performance at The Grand Ole Opry

What was once a side project from the Ryan Humbert Band in 2015, the Northeast Ohio-based The Shootouts is gaining some serious traction. Humbert and his lead guitarist Brian Poston’s love of...

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Minkin's Music: Time for goodbye

“They say that all good things must end. Call it a night, the party’s over.” —Willie Nelson In December of 2006, Mitch Allen grilled me for two hours with questions relating to a...

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Minkin's Music: Best of 2019

With the holidays and Black Friday just weeks away, it’s time to offer some suggestions for that audiophile on your gift list. Here are a few favorites released this past year. The best album...

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Minkin's Music: The Case for Steve

One of the best programs out there is the Hardcore Troubadour Radio Show hosted by Steve Earle on SXM channel 60. With the Rock and Roll HOF nominations being announced this month, a case for Steve...

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Minkin's Music: A guiding light

There are lighthouses in Cleveland and they don’t necessarily stand on the shoreline of Lake Erie. Chad Cochran, aka “Cowtown Chad,” is one of those bright lights who has become an ambassador...

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