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Maximum results in minimal time

Maximum Results in Minimal Time (Takes Only Minutes A Week)Most high-achieving executives understand quality trumps quantity. It’s true in the products and services they sell. It’s true in...

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The beauty of perfection

The word “perfect” has a long-tail etymology originating in Middle English and French; today we North American English speakers define it as “having all the required or desirable elements,...

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Ferrell-Whited offers a unique way for clients to live pain free, lose weight, and live their best lives

Avid runners, who often can be seen sprinting around town with their two young children in a jogging stroller, Bill and Liz Bedford know firsthand about achieving peak performance and staying...

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You're beautiful!

It is said that to be a physician these days requires an ever-evolving understanding of physiology, high technology and a strong ability with analytics. It is also said that frequently doctors have...

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Your home will never smell as fresh and as clean as it does after a visit from The Maids

“I’m going to start spring cleaning my house today. And by cleaning, I mean drinking wine and spraying everything with Febreze.” —As seen on Pinterest There’s a popular ad where a...

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