Symphony at Mentor

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Symphony at Mentor is exclusively a memory care facility where the staff focus all of their attention on the security and well being of the residents. Every aspect of the day, from activities to meals to personal care, is centered around the individual needs of each resident.

Symphony at Mentor Memory Care facility has a mission to care for the whole person, not just fulfill basic daily needs. The building’s design is made up of three separate “neighborhoods” consisting of twenty residents each. This layout provides a more manageable experience for both residents and staff and is based on the fact that it is comforting for people experiencing memory decline to see the same people each day and become very familiar with their surroundings.

Anyone with an understanding of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia knows the difficulties that go along with caring not only for the individual with the disease, but their families as well.

“It’s tough to make the decision that it’s time to get some help,” says Wayne Louis, executive director. “Many want to continue to care for an aging spouse or parent at home. Often there are feelings of guilt and even fear when the time comes to make a change.”

The staff at Symphony at Mentor are trained to care for the residents but also to help families to understand that home may not be the safest place anymore for the family member in need. They pride themselves on the welcoming atmosphere that starts with the smell of fresh popcorn and a warm welcome at the front desk.

“Families are welcome to stop in any time day or night,” says Wayne. “My door is always open for questions and suggestions that will help us improve the quality of a resident’s life here.”

Physical therapists, physicians, beauticians, rehab services and hospice care are all available at Symphony, and residents take part in daily social activities, community outings, speakers and musical performances.

“We want provide our residents with a comforting routine that allows them to feel productive,” says Wayne. “We make it our mission to find out as much as we can about them so we can tailor specific activities to their interests. This helps residents know that Symphony at Mentor really is home.”

Creating this home environment while accommodating the changing needs of residents is the goal everyday at Symphony at Mentor.

Symphony at Mentor is located at 8155 Mentor Hills Dr. in Mentor. For more information and to schedule a tour call 440-290-4140 or check the website