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If you’re struggling with your hearing, or even if you’re not, the medical experts at Sounds of Life Hearing Center recommend you take care of your hearing just as you do the rest of your body. Sarah Curtis, Au.D., owner and founder, encourages everyone get a baseline hearing test at age 50. Dr. Curtis and her partner, Cara Donovan, Au.D., stress the importance of treating each patient individually and taking the time to understand a person’s unique history in order to treat them correctly, restore hearing loss and improve the patient’s quality of life at every age.

Sounds of Life Hearing Center in Concord Township focuses on helping patients improve their hearing while also educating them on the relationship between hearing and overall health.

“We must take care of our hearing just like we take care of the rest of our bodies,” says founder Sarah Curtis, Au.D.

In their practice, doctors of audiology Dr. Sarah Curtis and her partner, Dr. Cara Donovan, stress the importance of understanding a person’s unique history in order to treat them correctly. And there are many health conditions and environmental influences that impact our hearing. An evaluation and simple screening at Sounds of Life will uncover your specific issue and get you on the path to better hearing, and a better quality of life.

“Health conditions certainly, but even environmental things like continual exposure to loud noise or even a single gunshot when hunting can affect hearing,” says Dr. Curtis. “Any change in hearing needs immediate attention.”

Aging is also a contributing factor to hearing loss, and, in turn, hearing loss is a risk factor for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

“Many of the risk factors for dementia are things we cannot change,” says Dr. Curtis. “But of the things that can be modified, like diet and exercise, number one is hearing. Poor hearing results in depression, anxiety and social isolation. We can help slow that decline.”

“I joined Dr. Curtis because she follows the highest standards of practice for audiology to ensure the best possible patient outcomes,” says Dr. Donovan. “This personalized approach results in more immediate success for patients.”

Sounds of Life Hearing also offers a broad pediatric program. Auditory processing issues can occur for many reasons and can result in speech delays and learning issues in children.

“If you can’t hear it, you can’t produce it,” says Dr. Donovan. “We work with schools to perform baseline hearing testing and with pediatricians who refer children for things like multiple ear infections and other issues that may cause hearing deficits. It’s important to address these things early to avoid future delays.”

Dr. Curtis says a baseline test is important before problems start. “It helps us to understand the progression of any hearing loss and we can lay out the right plan to get your hearing back to its best again, which may include hearing aids,” she says.

“There’s a learning process involved with hearing aid programming, and it takes some time for patients to adjust,” says Dr. Curtis. “We are with you every step of the way. We will discuss what you can handle financially, physically and emotionally. Our value is in the services we provide. Don’t let anything hold you back from improving your hearing.”