Seifert & Cox, Attorneys at Law

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“We are trained to facilitate helpful discussion to keep the parties talking toward a resolution that’s more affordable and less stressful.”— P. Lynn Seifert, Partner, Seifert & Cox, Attorneys at Law

The family law attorneys at Seifert & Cox, LLP, provide a personalized experience designed to alleviate fear or stress. Founded by Partners P. Lynn Seifert and Melissa Cox, the boutique law firm specializes in family law and estate planning.

Streamlined, collaborative divorce
Lynn is trained in methods to smoothly negotiate low-drama divorces through collaboration and mediation. She taps into tactics to keep both sides talking in a positive way to reach an amicable divorce settlement. Both parties benefit from avoiding high-cost litigation and the uncertain outcomes of going to court. Lynn’s non-adversarial strategies put families first, keeping their discourse civil. And everyone’s best interests are met

Through divorce mediation, a neutral third party sits down with the couple and helps them come up with a fair plan to divide assets and settle custody issues.

In collaborative divorces, both parties each have their own attorney, and other professionals such as a divorce coach if they like. They all sign an agreement they will not litigate the divorce in court.

The goal is to keep things streamlined and easy. Lynn often operates virtual meetings with busy couples for added convenience.

Headquartered in a charming century home in the historic district of Richfield, the firm’s setting is welcoming and non-intimidating.

In addition to family law, divorce, custody and mediation, Lynn and her partner, Melissa Cox, also offer estate planning.

Specific practice areas include:

• divorce: dissolution, collaborative divorce, spousal support/alimony
• custody: visitation, child support, guardian ad litem, parent coordinator
• mediation: divorce, custody, family disputes
• estate planning: wills, trusts, living wills, powers of attorney
• estate administration: probate, guardianships
• estate tax planning
• business succession planning
• adoption