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"Our entire organization is laser focused on perfection in service, timeliness, and 100% customer satisfaction. Our customers are at the center of everything we do." —Mike Palubiak, Perfect Power Wash

Why PPW?
Why use Perfect Power Wash? The better question is, why wouldn’t you use Perfect Power Wash.

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s highly likely you’re wondering how to make an exterior surface on your home look better than it does today. 

So, exactly how do you get those surfaces clean? 

Well, one choice is doing it yourself. Is that really how you want to spend your weekend? Blindly hanging half your body off the roof of your house to reach a spot that you probably won’t get clean with a consumer grade power washer, hoping you don’t slip and fall fifteen feet, breaking a few bones in the process? 

Still with us? Great. 

The only real choice is hiring a professional—but what does professional mean to you?
Is a professional some guy that you find in the classifieds that comes out in an old beat up pickup truck with the same department store power washer you have in the back of your garage that does more damage than good? There’s a ton of those guys out there, and we wouldn’t recommend them—your home is your largest investment, why would you consider hiring the cheapest folks available to help maintain your single largest investment? 

To us, professional means carrying millions of dollars of insurance.
It means training staff members for hundreds of hours before certifying them to work in the field. It means far exceeding the stringent standards set forth by our governing body, the PWNA (Power Washers of North America). 

It means having $60,000 worth of power washing equipment in the back of a beautiful, branded truck showing up at your home to give it the best cleaning available in the known universe. 

It means not just leaving a home looking better than we arrived it but making that home look absolutely Perfect so that when you come home, you’re not just happy, you’re impressed—and so are the neighbors (you know how jealous they’ll be when they see your house). 

We’re named Perfect Power Wash for a reason. 
We leave things Perfect.  Isn’t that what you want your home to look like? We’ve got the best, time tested and customer approved processes. We’re the most referred and highest rated power washer in the universe. We set the bar at Perfection.

Contact Perfect Power Wash today at 888-860-WASH to schedule your service or visit