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“There is so much to know when it comes to choosing the right insurance coverage for you and your family. That’s why it’s crucial to meet with us, first.” —Patrick Althof and Mark Odabashian

Understanding your options.
The beauty of working with Patrick Althof and Mark Odabashian, of HealthMarkets Insurance Agency in Medina, is that because they work with a number of different carriers—and aren’t tied to a specific product—you’ve got more options.

“Instead of selling you on a particular product, we’re able to consult with you about which product(s) represent the best fit for you and your family,” Patrick says.

“It’s not always about picking the cheapest plan,” says Mark. “That’s why it’s crucial to meet with us before you make a decision about healthcare. We do this every day and have a solid understanding of the nuances of every product. Sometimes it might make sense to pay a little more for better coverage, other times the basics will work just fine. A review is the best way to find out where you fall on the spectrum.”


For those who are newly 65 or those who’ve been staring through the lens of a golden ager for some time, deciphering the ins and outs of Medicare can be a challenge.

“It can be impossible to figure Medicare out without the help of a professional,” Patrick says. “Plans change every year and you could end up spending more this year for the same plan you had last year. When in doubt, check us out. We’ll provide a free review of the options.”

Patrick and Mark have been able to save their clients thousands of dollars on Medicare costs.

Affordable Care Act
The same premise surrounding senior insurance services also applies when it comes to enrolling in the Affordable Care Act—and understanding the details can be tricky.

“We’ve got some valuable tips that can help people maximize this benefit,” Mark says. “Schedule a review to make sure you’re choosing the right plan.”

Supplemental insurance: Do you or don’t you?
If you lose your job, your insurance coverage stops, too. That’s why opting for supplemental insurance outside of what your employer offers might be the best option. And if you aren’t covered through your job, an affordable dental or vision plan could be just what the doctor ordered.

HealthMarkets offers a full suite of vision, dental and life insurance options in a range of prices. Patrick and Mark can help you find the plan that best suits the needs of you and your family.

It won’t cost you a thing.
Meeting with Patrick and Mark won’t cost you a dime. Their advice is completely free of charge. That’s why it’s in your best interest to schedule a review of your current health insurance situation to find out if they can help to save you some money.

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency is d/b/a of Insphere Insurance Solutions, Inc., which is licensed as an insurance agency in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Not all agents are licensed to sell all products. Service and product availability varies by state.