Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center

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Balance Excercise

“We’re spelled differently, because we are different. We are leading the charge to transform healthcare from ‘sick care’ to ‘well care.’ Not only will we fix what is broken, but through our comprehensive programs, you will discover how to achieve the pinnacle of healthy living. You’ve only got one life to live, you may as well love your life!” — Dr. Aaron Cook, Owner of Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center

Armed with an undergraduate degree from Walsh University in Canton, and a doctorate of physical therapy degree from Ohio University, Dr. Aaron Cook founded the Mentor Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center to fill a need in the community. Seasoned therapists take a proactive approach and tap into the latest equipment and advanced treatments customized to each patient’s strengths and deficits.

Therapies include:

• Balance Therapy
• Orthopedic Rehabilitation
• Neurological Rehabilitation
• Concussion Management

Dr. Cook believes that seniors who are told their balance issues are something they should live with, should not accept eventually having to use canes, walkers or wheelchairs. His goal is to help them improve their balance and get back into doing the things they love.

His protocol begins with Computerized Dynamic Posturography testing to assess a patient’s balance control before starting rehabilitation.

High Tech Equipment Brings Back Balance, Prevents Falls
A fall often causes fractures to the arm, hand, ankle, spine, pelvis and hip, with the hip being amongst the most devastating, as one in five hip fracture patients will pass away within a year.

But falls can be prevented. Dr. Cook uses targeted physical therapy through a physiological process.

One of the tools he uses is called SOS, or a Safety Overhead Support system. Utilizing a harness and trolley attached to a track on the ceiling allows patients to put aside their walkers if they use them and walk safely supported on their own during therapy.

He also uses a laser pointer mounted on a patient’s headband to help him or her project a light onto a diagram on the wall to follow a curving shape.

A key component to balance is a person’s gait. Dr. Cook has just started offering orthotics shoe inserts to improve the gait and is already seeing results. He uses a computerized analysis through a plate sensor of how each person walks and sends the information to a lab to build the inserts, which take about a month to come back.

In addition to balance therapy, Dr. Cook treats a range of neurological conditions, from stroke to Parkinson’s, MS, cerebral palsy, and traumatic brain injuries, as well as concussion recovery.

Bringing Balance to Vertigo Sufferers
Dr. Cook spent years in critical care differentiating dizziness caused by a stroke or an ear infection or other disorder. Through VRT, vestibular rehabilitation therapy, he can address vertigo issues by stimulating and balancing the inner ear cells and synching the brain (cerebellum) to the body.

One of the most common categories of vertigo is BPPV, or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Often triggered by a blow to the head, or existing damage in the ear, it’s usually caused by crystals that have broken off within the inner structures of the ear.

He successfully treats vertigo through movements of the head and neck through different positions to move the crystals.