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“We’re a one-stop shop for floor-to-ceiling garage enhancement and renovation. When people see what we can do, they see their garage in a whole new light.” —Mike Padden, owner

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Transform your garage with protective garage floor coating, garage cabinets, overhead storage, garage lighting and more—and make your garage a true extension of your home. Encore Garage Ohio helps homeowners rethink this multipurpose space, revamping a messy garage into a clean, organized space.

Our garage renovation experts—full-time specialists (no part-time or seasonal employees)—install advanced epoxy floor coating systems, sturdy garage cabinetry and versatile wall and ceiling storage systems.

Floor Coating
We use a proprietary Flex-Core polyaspartic coating, which sets an industry benchmark for durability and functionality. It’s seamless and nonporous, so liquids cannot seep down and attack the concrete below.

Plus, it’s stain resistant—even against oil and grease. And homeowners love the lasting beauty of the floors. Choose decorative flake flooring colors, brand new metallic colors, or a luxurious marbleized design.

Garage Storage
Offering the ultimate in garage organization, we help you better utilize your garage, essentially giving you more living space in your home. Put away holiday decorations in overhead storage, stock your garage cabinets with overflow pantry items (like canned goods and bottle water), and put away clutter behind closed doors.

If you need help with garage lighting and painting, we can do that, too. We blend function with aesthetics!

Remodel your garage now. The next time you drive in, you won’t be in such a hurry to go inside your home.