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“The people we serve have unique needs, and I’m proud of how we tailor our services to develop a plan that fits their needs and journey to recovery.” — Mike Matoney, CEO Crossroads Health

Serving people in need of mental health care and recovery support—at all ages and stages of life—Crossroads Health provides a spectrum of services, treatment, support and programs to the residents of Lake County.

With a lessened stigma of mental health over the past several years, the organization has seen more people and their families affected by mental health issues who are reaching out for help.

Providing a full spectrum of care
The comprehensive slate of services offered by Crossroads Health includes:

• early childhood services
• school and community training and education
• psychiatric and medication management
• intensive services
• substance use disorders and dual diagnosis services
• outpatient services
• specialized services
• community and home-based services
• criminal justice services

Spread over five locations, schools, detention centers, community centers and in people’s homes, the multidisciplinary staff at Crossroads encompasses psychiatrists, social workers, mental health specialists, counselors and educators to offer the broadest range of care fit to the needs of each individual.

Beginning with early intervention
The in-home early head start program focuses on pregnant women and children from birth to three years old. When kids get older, in the classroom, a trauma-informed approach is geared toward creating a strategy that best suits the student in need and the class as a whole.

Client-centric care for adults means within hours of a hotline call, someone from Crossroads will be at the home, offering assessment, safety planning and crisis planning to keep the patient in the home, if possible. For substance abuse, since there’s been shown a correlation between childhood trauma and the mental health issues that lead to addiction, their mental health practitioners address the root cause to put people on a path to healing.