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“Exceed the standards”

With the tagline “Exceed the standards,” senior-level business consultant, strategist and career coach Jeremy Webb founded Consult the Dean to mentor and connect capstone coaches and colleges with appropriate businesses and real-world projects.

Since 2014, he has taken on different roles in companies specializing in logistics, engineering, manufacturing and financial systems.

Jeremy brings a broad worldview to his mentoring network. After earning his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Brigham Young University, he spent two years doing mission work in Capetown, South Africa. Then after earning an MBA in financial decision systems from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, he led projects for companies such as Boeing, and along with his wife and family has lived in California, Washington and Utah. They moved to Ohio in 2010.

As a passionate servant leader, Jeremy seeks to bring out the best in others through guidance and mentorship.

When bringing together colleges, capstone coaches and businesses, Jeremy could also act as a consultant lining up donations and fundraising for the schools to find the companies that are willing to pay a small fee for research projects. He can manage negotiating who controls the intellectual property that is generated through a project, coordinating who will take and risk and pay for the property.

Webb provides clear and defined goalsetting, accountability and positive, actionable feedback, to help people achieve more.