Chagrin Falls Kuk Sul Do Academy

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“Martial Arts for Life”

The Chagrin Falls Kuk Sul Do Academy is the premier martial arts studio in the Chagrin Valley offering martial arts for both kids and adults. Owner and instructor, Jason Zakrajsek, offers kuk sul do (traditional Korean martial art), jiu jitsu, Brazilian jiu jitsu, Gracie jiu jitsu, yoga, fitness and self-defense classes for people of all ages and fitness levels. Kuk Sul is a comprehensive study of Korea’s rich martial art history, dating as far back as prehistoric times. Techniques include joint locking, pressure point control, kicking, hand strikes, traditional forms, Royal Court weaponry, and internal “Ki” development. Kuk Sul can be classified as a hard/soft style that emphasizes speed and fluidity. Students are taught to subdue opponents with minimal effort and maximum results.

For over 25 years Master Jason has trained thousands of students ranging from young children and beginners of every age to law enforcement professionals and highly skilled black belt recipients in the various martial arts. The family friendly studio welcomes students of all skill level who want to learn, train, develop and improve both their physical and mental strength and fitness.

Endorsed by several public and private schools, the Kuk Sul Do Academy is a relaxed and positive environment where the virtues of humility, courtesy, discipline, honor, positive thinking and healthy living describe the code of conduct for students both in and out of class. Students are encouraged to train at their own pace and comfort level in all the martial arts and fitness classes. All classes include stretching and conditioning exercises to increase flexibility, tone muscles and stabilize the body’s joints. The academy also offers self-defense for women, yoga and Yopilado fitness classes that combine cardiovascular training with weight training and a focus on flexibility and mobility. Personal training is also available in any of the disciplines offered.