Chagrin Falls Gold & Coins

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Cara Reider, owner of Chagrin Falls Gold & Coins, will purchase your gold and silver, no matter how big or small, for immediate cash—and she guarantees the highest prices in Ohio. What you thought was junk may have real value. “It’s all worth something,” says Cara. “It can be difficult to determine if a piece is real gold or silver. Bring it all in. I’ll evaluate it, give you a free cash estimate, and you decide to sell or not. You’re under no pressure.”

Cara Reider, owner of Chagrin Falls Gold & Coins, buys and sells gold and silver jewelry, coins, flatware, bullion and more.

“People are always surprised by what I offer them for a simple broken gold chain,” says Cara. “And the process couldn’t be easier.”

Cara says that people often hesitate to come in because they aren’t sure if an item is worth anything.

“Jewelry, coins, sterling silver flatware, tea sets, candlesticks…it’s all worth something,” says Cara. “If you’re not sure what you have, bring it in. I’ll determine the value based on weight and make you an offer right on the spot. Take it and walk out with your cash, or leave it. You’re under no obligation.”

Cara’s customers appreciate her honesty and integrity and can be sure they’re getting the best price.

“Many people find themselves with heirloom silver flatware sets, candlesticks and tea sets they hesitate to get rid of,” says Cara. “Why not turn those heirlooms into your own precious memories?”

Cara buys gold and silver based on weight. There are also different levels of purity with both silver and gold that Cara will determine. And Chagrin Falls Gold & Coins buys and sells coins.

Cara says that like anything else collectible, rarity equals value with coins, but there are different ways to evaluate rarity. Coins also have value based on when they were minted and the value of the metal.

“Evaluating coins is simple when it’s based on silver content,” says Cara. “What gets tricky is the numismatic value, or value of coins to a collector. Several factors like year and condition will increase the numismatic value of a coin.”

Whether you’re a collector yourself, starting one for a child or looking for information, Cara can help.

“It’s fun,” says one regular customer. “I feel so comfortable here. Cara is so honest, fair and nice. If I’m buying or selling, she explains the process so clearly and I never feel pressured.”

Chagrin Falls Gold & Coins is the ultimate one-stop shopping experience. Whether you’re buying, selling or both, Cara offers the easier way.