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“Our vision is to reimagine what it means to go to a doctor’s office by taking our guests’ complete well-being into consideration,” Balance Foot and Ankle Wellness Center CEO Dr. Jennifer Prezioso

Podiatrists Drs. Jonathan and Carissa Sharpe care for any ailment or injury below the knee with a comprehensive spectrum of treatments and surgery.

Now open in Concord Township, Balance Foot and Ankle Wellness Center offers patient-centered care and a full spectrum of diagnostics, treatments and advanced surgical techniques. Headed up by Drs. Carissa and Jonathan Sharpe, the independent, locally owned practice allows them the latitude to spend time with their patients, getting to know them and educating them about the importance of their footcare.

Working together as a team, the Sharpes have the capability to treat anything below the knee, including:

• flat foot reconstruction
• hammertoes
• heel pain
• tendonitis
• broken ankles
• stress fractures
• Achilles tendon tears
• toenail fungus
• ingrown toenails
• corns and calluses
• diabetic footcare

To get the clearest picture of each patient’s feet, they often begin by scanning with digital x-rays.

About the Doctors’ Backgrounds and Specialties
Both Dr. Jonathan and Dr. Carissa earned their medical degrees at the Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine.

He did his comprehensive surgical residency with Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Kaiser Permanente and stays involved with training other doctors and lecturing internationally.

Specialties for Dr. Jonathan include ankle joint replacement and repairing sports injuries, congenital deformities and arthritis.

One of the newer breakthrough procedures he performs is minimally invasive surgery to correct bunions, achieving through three tiny incisions and very little downtime, what used to take large incisions followed by weeks of rehab through traditional surgery.

Another minimally invasive surgery he performs is Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy to treat plantar fasciitis. This common and painful ailment, especially for runners, is caused by an inflamed plantar fascia, which is a fibrous band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot.

During the surgery, Dr. Jonathan inserts a special scope and camera through two tiny incisions. This helps him pinpoint where to incise the fascia.

Following medical school, Dr. Carissa served as chief resident with University Hospitals and has advanced training in wound care. She specializes in salvaging limbs through high-tech treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy and skin grafting.

Her niches of care also include diabetic footcare, pediatric pathology, sports medicine, foot pain and trauma, and nail and skin conditions.

Custom Orthotics Correct Abnormalities
Since they have an in-house lab, Balance Foot and Ankle Wellness Center can make custom orthotics shoe inserts for the best caliber of precision and fit.

These can help conservatively manage issues including sports-related conditions, foot and ankle pain, high arches, arthritis and congenital deformities. The doctors use digital software to measure the foot, and next-level materials for a premium, long-lasting medical device. Custom orthotics can prevent injury and improve the mechanics of the foot.

In addition to custom orthotics, the practice also offers diabetic shoes. By properly fitting the shoes to the patient, they are able to prevent potentially dangerous issues that often occur with diabetics. Patients are generally covered for one pair of shoes per year through insurance, and they also sell additional pairs outside of insurance.