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“Come be our next success story.”


Axio means “worthy” in Greek. Erin Mellinger founded Axio Fitness Fairlawn in 2020 with the mission of helping people realize they are worthy of investing in themselves through exercise. We are not a traditional “gym,” but rather state-of-the-art private training suites. Our dedicated group of personal trainers offers the genuine, honest, one-on-one support and accountability needed to achieve real and permanent results.

Whether your goal is weight loss, improving your strength and mobility, or gaining control of your nutrition — we take the time to identify your struggles and create an action plan to help you overcome barriers that in the past held you back.

To keep up with the latest scientific advances in the fitness industry, our fitness trainers stay nimble.

Since the studio is located within Main Street Physical Therapy, Axio clients have access to the range of equipment and expertise of licensed physical therapists.

Our program is based on four pillars: Fitness, Cardio, Nutrition and Stretching. To make it easy on our clients, we do not sell memberships or have them sign contracts. We simply sell by the session, which are refundable and never expire. They can pick and choose which ones are working best for them. Virtual sessions are also available.

The Fitness is the strength training component, where we fit a program to your needs and goals, scientifically assess your fitness level and then reassess every 6-8 weeks. With Axio Cardio, we customize a plan to improve your cardiovascular health, while monitoring performance levels through tracking your heartrate and activity. Overseen by our Lead Dietician Heather Robinson, Axio Nutrition is aimed at helping you change your relationship with food in a positive way and build self-awareness. Lastly, during Axio Stretch Therapy sessions, our trainers who are certified stretching specialists use stretching and massage tools to improve muscle, bone and joint health, while alleviating aches and pains, lowering risk of injury, and bettering your balance and circulation.

We take the guesswork out of the equation. We track your minutes of activity inside and outside of the studio using our own tracking software and we set weekly goals that recorded and monitored daily. For the best success rate, we recommend three 45-minute workouts here per week.

Sign up for a free Axio Meet-Up, a casual 30-minute get-together to take a tour of the facility and meet the trainers.