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Whether you’re in the market for a new furnace or you simply want to breathe a little easier, S&S Heating & Cooling has cornered the market on efficiency and competitive prices

With skyrocketing gas and electric bills these past months, homeowners are looking for ways to lower their costs. And that starts with energy-efficient heating and cooling units. “If you have been thinking about buying a new air conditioner or furnace, now is the time,” says Mark Staron II, who is the second “S” in S&S Heating, Cooling...

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At Skin Care Solutions Elite MediSpa, master injectors are helping men and women of all ages do a facial reset and come out looking refreshed

In the age of selfies and Zoom conference calls, we are seeing ourselves like never before. And not everyone likes what they’re looking at. Whether tired-looking eyes, new wrinkles on the forehead, sagging jowls or thinning lips, both men and women are looking for ways to enhance their appearance. As a result, the demand for Botox and...

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Having a proactive plan in place when you’re ready to downsize is the key to a low-stress transition

Nowadays, not all people downsizing are empty nesters who raised a family and now don't need all that extra room. Some people are buying second homes and want a smaller footprint in their hometown, while some buyers are just looking for a simpler life and are embracing minimalism. Unfortunately, in this current economic climate, other homeowners...

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No matter which room of your home you want to stand out, Impact Landscape & Home Remodeling can make the transformation happen

It’s been said that renovating not only restores the house, but also restores the story of the home. At Impact Landscape & Home Remodeling, Joe and Kristen Chiera help homeowners turn the page and make a fresh start while staying true to the roots of the home. As owners of this local remodeling and landscaping business, they are...

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If you’re struggling with the impact of hair loss, this story is for you

If you ask hairstylists what they love about their job, most of them will tell you they take joy in helping their clients look their best. But at The Hair Specialists they take it to heart, helping clients who struggle with hair loss. Salon owner Kelly Nemitz is passionate about making clients who have hair loss feel happy and confident again...

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