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Find out how Mighty Ducts can remove that nasty stuff lurking in your furnace air ducts—the right way

If your home or office’s air ducts or dryer vents need a good cleaning—and they likely do—it is important to trust the job to industry-certified professionals who specialize in the field. “We do this full time. It is not a sideline to our business like it sometimes is with carpet cleaning companies, chimney sweepers or heating...

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Hearing and vision MDs join forces

Folks living in and around Streetsboro who may have both hearing and vision loss can soon be treated for both in one convenient location. Beginning in June, Dr. Bert Brown of Cleveland ENT/Physician Hearing Centers will see patients inside the office of ophthalmologist Dr. Douglas Ripkin. “It’s natural for an ophthalmologist and...

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Latkes for Chanukah

Shortly after my husband and I moved into our first home, we decided to host a Chanukah party. Excited about our new, albeit modest, digs and eager to assume the role of grownups, we invited a bevy of relatives and just about every high school and college friend still living in town. The night before the party, my parents arrived to help with...

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Total hearing wellness

There are many hearing centers throughout Northeast Ohio, but Cleveland ENT/Physician Hearing Centers is different. It offers both top-notch hearing aid service and a comprehensive ENT medical practice, says Dr. Bert Brown. “Our physician-doctor of audiology team approach means we manage the process of treating hearing loss at the highest...

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The pursuit of excellence

Considering a tummy tuck, breast augmentation or eyebrow lift? Dr. Paul Vanek, FACS, of Vanek Plastic Surgery can certainly do that. But he is going to get to know you as a person before agreeing to it. “The pursuit of excellence is energizing,” he says of his profession. “The pursuit of perfection is demoralizing. Nobody can turn the...

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