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Fourteen years after its celebrated launch, Blue Canyon Kitchen and Tavern continues to delight

Sitting high on a hilltop overlooking trees with panoramic views, Blue Canyon Kitchen & Tavern has stood the test of time and, indeed, thrives. The Twinsburg destination restaurant—which attracts diners from as far away as Canton, Youngstown and Erie, Pennsylvania—marks its 14th anniversary this month. The sprawling patio, now...

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Here's what happened when Brian put his trust in the team at Solon Spine and Wellness Center to get him back in the powerlifting game

Twelve years ago, Brian’s grit got him through an illness that caused spinal cord damage and forced him to relearn how to walk and talk. Two years later, the avid powerlifter was training for a national competition when he moved the wrong way and injured his back. “I had two injuries at once that put pressure on my spinal cord,” he...

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D’Angelo’s Italian Ristorante’s return to classic Italian fare is bringing customers back to the table

Paul D’Angelo says sometimes it’s better to leave well enough—or, in this case, mouthwatering recipes—alone. “We’ve been in business for 29 years and feel comfortable with who we are,” says the owner of D’Angelo’s Italian Ristorante. “We recently tried a new direction with our menu, but we made the decision to...

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Physician driven, audiologist directed

Some patients come to Dr. Bert Brown’s office claiming their minor hearing loss is no big deal. Others declare they could get decent and lower-priced hearing aids at a big-box store. In both cases, the otolaryngologist explains why treating hearing loss correctly is as important as caring for any other function of the human body. “A...

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Cleanings by Personal Amish Cleaners are conveniently priced at an affordable hourly rate

Karen Scott is fastidious about the appearance of her Solon home. She has hired individual cleaners as well as cleaning companies from time to time, but the self-described “fussy cleaner” prefers to maintain the house herself. “But I hurt my back,” she explains. “That put me out of commission and I couldn’t keep up with what I do...

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