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Here’s how Acclaim Renovations & Design transformed this Wickliffe home into a space packed with modern amenities and elegant design

With the goal of bringing their circa 1960s kitchen up to date with the rest of their charming Wickliffe home, the Smee family hired Acclaim Renovations & Design in Mentor based on their online research of top-rated local home remodelers. “They wanted the finished space to be as modern and beautiful as the rest of the first floor,” says...

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Do you need a will, or a trust?

With the recent pandemic surge and reports of rising hospitalizations and mortality rates, estate planning is at the forefront of people’s minds. With the complex types of legal documentation involved, it’s tricky to know which fits your individual circumstances—a will or a trust. Elder law Attorney Margaret T. Karl offers some...

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MaxStrength Fitness can change the way you age with a stronger body and bones

People often consider achieving their best overall health a function of maintaining a healthy weight, building muscle and losing fat. But we also have the power to change the structure of our bones, which could have an equally impactful correlation to well-being and healthy aging. According to a recent study from the Harvard Medical School,...

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Lakefront property owners are getting top dollar for their homes, thanks to Platinum Real Estate the Luxury Home Experts

The luxury market in Lake County is having a moment. Firmly at the forefront of representing high-end sellers and amassing a pool of qualified luxury buyers, Mark and Denise Zervos and the powerhouse selling team at Platinum Real Estate the Luxury Home Experts are closing out a record-selling fourth quarter. “We are crushing the...

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Chesterland Family Eye Care has just introduced a revolutionary new treatment for dry eye called iLux

Upwards of 46% of Americans will at one time or another suffer from itching, burning, annoying dry eyes. This condition, which can also cause blurred vision and a sandy, gritty sensation, is only exacerbated by the jump in screen time so many of us are experiencing. One local eye doctor says she’s seeing an increase in patients suffering...

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