Williams Landscaping & Pavers can make you the champion of your backyard

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Williams Landscaping & Pavers owner Brian Williams works with clients to get the landscape design of their dreams finalized before work begins. He’ll take as long as necessary to make everything picture perfect.

By Adam Cook

Williams Landscaping & Pavers shoots for the stars. Professionals in the art of landscapes and hardscapes, owner Brian Williams and his team set the stage for outdoor living, seeing the moment every client steps into their backyard feeling like Rocky atop the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, arms outstretched in triumph.

“Our job is to make every one of our clients the champion of their backyard,” says Brian. “We’re the Mickey to their Rocky.”

Across Northeast Ohio, Williams Landscaping creates the moment through custom patios and decks, pavilions and gazebos, and award-winning, dynamic landscape and lighting designs.

Any time clients extend the experience by embracing outdoor living with their families can capture another moment.

Brian and his team are ready to go the distance with you. When the weather outside turns cooler, crueler, knocking you back in, it’s time to plan a comeback. Come spring, you and your family can have it all.

Rocky summited 72 steps, but Brian says there are only five steps to put you at the pinnacle of outdoor living.

The first step for a picture-perfect backyard is planning the layout. Brian will tell you a good design starts with having the right team in your corner.

“If you hire the wrong person, and they rush through the planning process, you’re not going to be happy with the result,” he says. “Now and over the winter, time is on our side so we can work with you to deliver a design that’s everything you envisioned in a way that’s practical and functional.”

All it costs is your time. There’s no charge for consultations.

Across Northeast Ohio, Williams Landscaping creates the moment through custom patios and decks, pavilions and gazebos, and award-winning, dynamic landscape and lighting designs.

“I’ll collaborate with clients for as long as they need to get the design they want from every angle,” says Brian. “For every design, there’s a color sketch, a topo drawing for a top-down perspective, and a 3D rendering. And you don’t just want one design. That might work for some contractors, but we’re never satisfied with that.”

Rather than draw on a small sample, the right team in your corner can show you a world of possibilities. The second step is selecting materials.

“You want to take the time to research materials, colors, textures, and maybe visit some nurseries or stone yards,” says Brian. “Everything needs to work in harmony.”

If you don’t want to go the extra mile, that’s okay. Brian and his team have been there and back. Williams Landscaping maintains a long list of suppliers.

“It should be your oasis,” says Brian. “The materials, the textures, and the colors get you to that state of mind.”

The right elements around you make you feel like the star, anchoring your experience, giving you a firm foundation. Likewise, the third step is preparing the soil.

“The foundation of your landscape and hardscape is the quality of the soil,” says Brian. That’s what’s going to protect your investment and make a lifetime of outdoor living possible.”

After laying the groundwork, the fourth step is reviewing the project before work begins. If you got this far and followed the steps, it’s mostly for your peace of mind. That’s what outdoor living is all about. At any step along the way with Williams Landscaping, there’s always an opportunity to make a change.

Now, your moment has arrived. The fifth and final step is maintaining your investment. Over time, the ground can settle slightly unevenly, or maybe an errant pebble can block a sprinkler. Williams Landscaping’s work, backed by a five-year warranty and yearly inspections, ensures you’re on top of things in your backyard.

Williams Landscaping & Pavers Ltd. is located at 800 Barchard St. in Grafton. Find inspiration at WilliamsLandscaping.org. Consultations are free. Call 440-476-9135 to schedule.

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