Who gets hemorrhoids?

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By Dr. David Gutman, Advanced Hemorrhoid Specialists

I ’d like to dispel a few of the myths about who gets hemorrhoids—and who doesn’t.

Age - When it comes to hemorrhoids, age really is just a number. I’ve seen patients that range in age from their teens up to their 90s. So despite what many people might think, young people can be just as susceptible to getting hemorrhoids as older people are.

Lifestyle - People whose abdomens are subject to excess pressure are at risk for developing hemorrhoids. That pressure could be from pregnancy or excess body weight. It could be from body building or from having to lift heavy objects on the job. Excessive sitting, like the kind truck drivers do, may also cause hemorrhoids.

Diet - Foods that cause diarrhea or constipation can cause hemorrhoids. And hot and spicy or acidic foods can cause inflammation of existing hemorrhoids. If you have chronic digestive problems, you could be at risk.

Gender - It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, both are equally susceptible to getting hemorrhoids.

If you’re experiencing itching, bleeding and burning and think you might have hemorrhoids, give me a call and I will rectify it. I’ve treated thousands of people and I know I can help you, too. I offer two, non-surgical methods to treat hemorrhoids. One reduces the blood flow that feeds the hemorrhoids, improving inflammation and causing them to shrink. The other is better suited to removing larger hemorrhoids. Both take just a few seconds to do. Since they are performed in an area with no nerve endings, they can be administered right in the comfort of my office without anesthesia.

There is virtually no pain, no prep needed, there are no major restrictions, and you don’t have to take time off of work. Our procedures are also covered by insurance.

To reach Dr. David Gutman of Advanced Hemorrhoid Specialists, call 216-772-4653. He has two office locations: 25200 Chagrin Blvd, Suite 109, in Beachwood; and 2660 W. Market Street, Suite 250, in Fairlawn. To learn more, visit SensitiveCare.com.