Urinary tract health

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By killing off the good bacteria, antibiotics can make you more susceptible to future infections.

By Mike Ventresca, Vital Choice Healthstore

Each year, millions of women suffer with the discomfort caused by a urinary tract infection (UTI). In fact, one in four women will experience a UTI, with as many as 25% having a recurrence during the same year.

Because UTIs are usually caused by the bacteria E.coli, the standard protocol is to prescribe an antibiotic. The problem is this can create a repeating cycle because the antibiotic kills all bacteria—good and bad. By killing off the good bacteria, antibiotics can make you more susceptible to future infections. Research suggests there’s a better way to urinary and vaginal health.

Much like the gut microbiome, the trillions of micro-organisms that play a powerful role in digestive health, mood and immune function, the vaginal and urinary tract environment have a unique microbiome of their own. Studies show specific strains of probiotics are best suited to maintain a healthy balance with proper pH/acidic levels.

Probulin’s Total Care Women’s UT Probiotic is a unique formula that contains these scientifically studied probiotic strains in addition to d-mannose, a special kind of sugar known to help prevent UTIs.

Making this product even more effective is the delivery system. For probiotics to work, they need to survive two trips—the trip from the lab to your home, and the journey through the acidic digestive system. To ensure this, the probiotics in every Probulin capsule are enclosed in a special extract of brown seaweed. This ‘seaweed submarine’ both protects and nourishes these beneficial bacteria on their journey, delivering a powerful and highly effective probiotic supplement.

Mike Ventresca is the owner of Vital Choice Health Store, 9243 Sprague Road in North Royalton’s Timber Ridge Plaza. Call 440-885-9505 or visit VChoice.com. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.