Transform your space with tile, carpeting or a whole new room

Guhde Aft 621
For the past 64 years in business, customers have put their trust in Guhde Flooring America to show them the way and bring their dream homes to life. This recent project handled by Guhde’s Kitchen and Bath Center shows a top to bottom——and everything in between——kitchen renovation.

By Patricia Nugent

Over the past year of drama and upheaval, it certainly seems as though we’ve been carried off by a cyclone to a land of make-believe. As we’re waking up from the storm, dusting ourselves off and looking around to see what’s happening in this new and colorful post-pandemic world, it’s time to take a skip and a trip down the yellow brick road. So, click your ruby slippers three times, my pretties, and let’s go off to meet the wizards, the wonderful wizards of Guhde Flooring America.

Pull Back the Curtain
The expansive showroom sports all the opulence and decadence of the Emerald City, with thousands of enchanting samples and displays. When you pull back the curtain for a peek at the wizards behind this family-owned company, here’s who you will see.


While they’re not really sorcerers, the wildly talented team at Guhde Flooring America (from left to right, Monica Guhde-Rosa and Shawn Rosa; Diane, Mike Sr. and Mike Jr. Guhde; and Tori Gunton, Philip Rogers and Laura Lasmanis) can work magic when it comes to creating fabulous spaces.

Shawn Rosa taps into his decades of experience in the flooring business to implement new ideas and modify processes and procedures. As sales manager, he enjoys getting people to think outside their box and explore new design directions.

Monica Guhde-Rosa masterfully controls the flow of everything that enters or leaves the store. In her role of office manager, she is involved in every decision they make as a company and keeps the team grounded.

Mike Guhde Jr. is always looking toward what the company can and will become. As general manager, his intuitive ideas allow him to challenge the team with new and creative ways to keep the company moving forward.

Mike Guhde Sr. created everything that Guhde Flooring America is today. His ability to lead and drive this company to become what it is now is proof that hard work—and a little magic—can lead to success.

Diane Guhde, who is married to Mike Sr., has always kept a close eye on the business and the employees and cares for it from behind the spotlight. She knows exactly what to do to ensure the business is functioning properly.

Philip Rogers oversees the Kitchen and Bath Design Center. He enjoys bringing out customers’ ideas and coming up with new ones. As a former installer for more than 20 years, he brings a knowledge of what will and won’t work in any given space.

Laura Lasmanis is a new salesperson joining the staff. She loves working with clients and acting as ambassador of the front desk as people first walk through the door.

Tori Gunton has been in sales here for the past nine months and is a magician at mastering product knowledge. She’s very outgoing.

Of course, there’s a little dog, too. If you’re lucky, you might meet Trooper on any visit to the store. This spunky and spirited two-year-old bulldog is the official meeter and greeter.

Courage, Heart, or Brain Power
Along each customer’s path to renovation enlightenment, the great and powerful staff at Guhde finds that most customers can be categorized as needing courage, a little heart, and brain power.

“For the courage-seeking lions out there, we try to nudge their design sensibility from bland and boring to daring,” says Monica. “There are so many different directions you can go in for a breathtaking finished design, such as doing a statement wall in a 3D mosaic tile or large-format porcelain panels. Once we show them how the samples look against different backgrounds, they find their courage. We also open up doors to taking chances with design, such as adding a bar to your family room or doing a kitchen island in a bold, bright color that differs from the rest of the cabinetry.”

Much of what they do here is guide customers through an emotional journey.

“Wanting to install hardwood flooring in a high-traffic kitchen where lots of moisture will come into play is what customers who think with their hearts and not their brains do,” says Shawn. “We’re here to advise people about the perfect materials to fit their spaces. Wanting the comfort of natural hardwood flooring, where no two pieces are alike is noble and understandable, but for a high-traffic area, we’d recommend something more durable, water-resistant and scuff-resistant, such as luxury vinyl tile.”

And all customers have a little bit of Dorothy in their hearts…they just want to return to a comfortable, beautiful home.

Who’s the Wicked Witch?
Every story needs a bad guy, right? If there’s a dastardly boo-hiss character in the realm of home renovation, it’s the big box stores.

“I can think of lots of reasons why you’d want to toss a bucket of water on big box stores,” says Monica. “First of all, throughout your selection, purchase and installation process, you might meet with many different people, who might not possess a good working knowledge of the products.”

According to Shawn, “This store is our family business, and we are proud to take a dedicated interest in making the A-to-Z experience a wonderful and highly personalized one for our customers. You’ll always see the same faces at our store. We offer superior product selection with better warranties, installed by master craftsmen.”

You Always Had the Power
Much like Dorothy finished her odyssey back home where she belonged all along, the phenomenal team at Guhde hopes to impart to its customers that they, too, always have the power to transform their homes. They just need to learn it for themselves.

For the past 64 years in business, customers have put their trust in Guhde to show them the way and bring their dream homes to life.

“Do we actually think of ourselves as wizards?” asks Shawn. “Not really. But we do believe in the magic of transformation. And we’re grateful to our loyal customers, who especially over the past quarantine year, have chosen us for their home renovations.”

Because, in the end, there really is no place like home.

Guhde Flooring America is located at 1880 Mentor Avenue in Painesville Township. Hours are Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Call 440-639-1990 or visit