This is Zinc Insurance

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Zinc owner Seth Zaremba launched his independent insurance agency in 2008 to offer people personalized service with high-tech appeal. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Mimi Vanderhaven

As Mimi twists the knob and swings the door open to Zinc Insurance for her interview with owner Seth Zaremba, the eclectic, mod and deliciously artsy décor has her immediately stopping short.

This is an insurance agency?

Perched on a trendy Ikea sofa in front of a coffee table piled high with bottled water, she waits just 30 seconds until a T-shirt and jeans-clad Seth comes striding toward her, hand outstretched. This is an insurance guy?

As Mimi quickly learns, nothing about Zinc is predictable—not the décor, not the owner and certainly not the method of doing business.

Launched by Seth (a former steel fitter who made a career change after a work injury in 2000), Zinc Insurance—founded in 2008— is representative of the power of its namesake element. 

“Zinc is a protective element in nature,” Seth explains, inviting Mimi to take a seat in an industrial lime green metal chair at the reclaimed walnut conference table. “As our name implies, protecting people is what we do.”

As an independent insurance agency, Zinc offers home, life and auto insurance, as well as business insurance for companies of all sizes—even the little guys. With about 16 different carriers represented, what they aren’t is beholden to any particular brand of insurance. What they are is a group of people who care passionately about providing other people with recognizable customer service and the appropriate amount of insurance protection. What they do is make sure the carriers they represent align with the customer-centric values Seth and his team hold dear. What they don’t do is continue to do business with a carrier that shifts its focus away from offering genuine value and exemplary service.

“We screen the carriers we work with carefully, so when we offer different options to our clients we can feel confident they’ll be receiving the best service possible,” Seth says. 

Zinc has also made it a point to have on staff agents who are licensed in other states (41 to be exact), so no matter where you work, live or love to have fun, you’re protected.

The team is also focused on keeping up with the latest in insurance technology and prides itself on having a paperless office.

“Everything we do or offer is digital,” Seth explains. “Our clients can manage their policies through our website, apps, email or over the phone if they’d like. We offer the best of all worlds—the latest in insurance technology combined with the personal relationship you’ll only find with a local agent.”

Mimi strongly suggests you take your consultation appointment with one of the team members in the office, so you can see firsthand the creativity, artistry and high design acumen Seth himself has unleashed on the décor. After that you can keep it virtual if it better suits, darling.


It’s worth noting that when Jim Dennis, former owner of The Dennis Agency, decided to retire, he tapped Seth to be his successor. Although Zinc acquired the agency two years ago, it only recently stopped using the Dennis name as part of its business framework.

“We’re constantly monitoring our client satisfaction numbers, for both our own and those formerly with The Dennis Agency,” Seth says. “Putting people first is the most important thing we offer, and we take that very seriously.”

“We understand that purchasing insurance from a local agency is a choice, and we appreciate the thousands of people who have put their faith in us,” Seth adds. “Let’s sit down and talk about your options and have an intelligent conversation about how we can protect you, your family and your assets.”

Zinc Insurance is located at 3505 E. Royalton Rd., in Broadview Heights, Suite 110. The phone number is (440) 740-3540. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Find them online at and on Facebook at Zinc Insurance.