The power of community at The Renaissance of Richfield/Bath

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The Renaissance of Richfield/Bath earns top marks as the recipient of a June 2018 deficiency-free survey from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH). Only 12 percent of the over 600 licensed assisted living facilities in Ohio are deficiency free. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Adam Cook

Entering its fourth year, The Renaissance of Richfield/Bath continues to radiate into the community it set out to reflect when it first opened its doors.

The assisted living and memory care community on Everett Road mirrors a miniature Main Street, an interior streetscape that earns high marks from members and their families. A stroll through the corridor reveals a richness of amenities, such as a coffee shop, beauty salon, library, sanctuary, movie theater and culinary arts studio. Off the charming Main Street, different floor plans in distinct neighborhoods appeal to varying member needs and pricing options.

“‘Community caring for community’ is very important for us,” says Jeff Risner, who owns and operates The Renaissance with his wife, Jill. “From day one, it’s been our guiding principle inside and out. Wherever possible, our relationships are local, from food to technology. We believe in giving back to the community where we live, work and thrive.”

The Renaissance remains independently owned and operated and has become an established part of the Richfield and Bath communities. Its members are empowered individuals—not defined by the presence of memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease—and community partners.

The Renaissance is focused on keeping its members connected with the surrounding communities through local partnerships. Jan Weber, director of Richfield’s Senior Center, regularly coordinates activities and events with The Renaissance.

“It’s who we are,” says Jill. “We wouldn’t be who we are without the support of the community.

The Renaissance puts its money where its mouth is and is committed to the concept of farm to table. “We know where our food comes from,” says Jill. “The local relationships we have with farmers and suppliers sustain us.”

As much as it is about supporting your neighbors, the farm-to-table movement is about freshness, seasonality and safety.

According to Chef Jimi, the menu at The Renaissance comes down to quality and taste.

“If it’s not farm-to-table, we make it from scratch,” he says. “We stay away from processed foods—there’s less flavor and a high salt count. When I’m involved, the menu is the same as you’ll find in a restaurant—a nice restaurant.”

The Renaissance earns top marks as the recipient of a June 2018 deficiency-free survey from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH). Only 12 percent of the over 600 licensed assisted living facilities in Ohio are deficiency free.

The meticulous, multi-day survey does more than satisfy concerns that assisted living facilities comply with state laws and regulations. Assisted living facilities are under the microscope and focus on the factors that separate one from another, including amenities, religious affiliation, costs and staffing ratios.

Most importantly, the surveys speak to resident satisfaction. ODH Inspectors talk to residents one-on-one, providing an opportunity for residents to call attention to any issues and concerns they might have confidentially and report candidly on the quality of their lives.

“We are proud of our care, our beautiful building and our exceptional staff. Most importantly, we are proud to serve a community that has warmly accepted us and trusts us,” says Jill.

The 50,000-square-foot facility was built to sustain a community and accommodate members’ needs through the stages of change in their lives. Often seniors in assisted living are forced to move as their needs progress, The Renaissance, however, was built with an adjacent, dedicated memory care facility.

The memory care facility accommodates members with progressive cognitive disorders. Licensed nurses and memory care experts are staffed around the clock.

“We allow our members to age in place,” said Debbie Garrett, director of marketing for The Renaissance of Richfield/Bath. “We can handle the more medically complex and the more cognitively complex member in one environment.”

The Renaissance distinguishes itself from other assisted living facilities and ventures off the beaten path in other ways as well.

Off Main Street, each neighborhood is unique, and multiple courtyards exist. Members enjoy an individual freedom of mobility with wearable technology. The technology allows caregivers to listen actively and quickly respond.

“We can keep our members safe, but independent,” says Jeff. “If a member is wandering more than is typical, we can track that, and, if appropriate, program the device to lock the exits automatically as the member approaches.”

Owners/Operators Jill and Jeff Risner

“Communities enlarge the spirit,” says Jeff. “The doors of The Renaissance of Richfield/Bath open into a community that calls Main Street home.”

The Renaissance of Richfield/Bath is located at 3975 Everett Road in Richfield. Call 330-313-7000 or visit to find out how you or your loved one can be invited to join this community.