The Neighborhood Experts at Platinum Real Estate take care of clients beyond the sale

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Platinum Real Estate has embraced the Hometown Heroes Program. For the past five years, the program has extended substantial rewards to police officers, fire fighters, EMTs, military personnel and more. Pictured are local service heroes, Jeremy and Nicole.

By Patricia Nugent

The Neighborhood Experts at Platinum Real Estate follow a mission of keeping all things local.

“Our dynamic team of agents is Cleveland raised and Cleveland proud,” says Mark Zervos, who, along with his wife, Denise, has been in real estate for the past 28 years.

“Whatever community you are currently living in or hope to move to, there is a Neighborhood Expert already there who is ready to help you buy or sell a home.”

Those Who Serve
It’s not surprising that Platinum Real Estate has embraced the Hometown Heroes Program, designed to thank folks who make our communities a better place to live.

“My husband and I have always felt strongly about giving back to our local community,” says Denise.

“And to coin an expression from my favorite local reporter and friend Dawn Kendrick, they are ‘the Good Stuff.’ These men and women make our community strong and deserve to be recognized and appreciated for what they do. They are the foundation of this exciting real estate program, developed as our way of saying thank you to them.”

For the past five years, Denise reports, the program has extended substantial rewards—more than $29,550—to police officers, fire fighters, armed service members, educators, doctors and nurses, as well as employees of the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Lake Hospital Systems and Kaiser Permanente.

“Even family members of these heroes can receive rebates,” says Denise.

“Whether buying or selling a home, I hope people take advantage of this program, checking with their Neighborhood Experts agent to see if they qualify.”

What Receiving “The Big Check” Means to Them
Local Firefighter Nick Tomaselli, who works for the Cleveland Heights Fire Department, is a recent honoree of the program. He has this to say:

“Not only was working with the Neighborhood Experts a great experience, but they gave me a $500 Visa gift card just to say thanks for my service. I want to take the opportunity to say thank you back to them.”

Other recipients were as thrilled with their selling price as they were the rebate.

“We hired Brian to sell our home and purchase a new one. He enrolled us in the Hometown Heroes program. Not only did he help us navigate the challenges of selling before buying, he sold our home in 10 days and for 96.6 percent of our asking price—and thanked us for our community service with a $750 reward program rebate,” say Jeremy and Nicole.

And local hero Stan C., has this to say:

“The fact that my Neighborhood Expert listened to our needs and found us the perfect home was more than enough to satisfy us. When they gave us the hometown hero discount we were floored! They were thanking us for our service to the community. We want to say thank you to them.”

For Neighborhood Experts Ryan Weber and Brian Haller, who are also a local firefighter and law enforcement officer, respectively, the Heroes Program hits close to home.

“Who better than Brian and I to understand the schedules these people keep up with and offer support to them?” says Ryan.

“One of the reasons I wanted to become a Realtor is to help people through the process of buying or selling their home. And at the same time to be able to honor fellow civil servants is important to me.”

To qualify for the program, he says people just need to mention their service, or a family member’s service, when calling for an appointment, so they can be registered at no cost. The rebate benefits are activated when they buy or sell a home with the Neighborhood Experts. It’s that simple.

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