The Meaningful Moments program at JEA Senior Living

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Creating a homelike environment was paramount during the design phase for each community, which is why the TV room looks more like the great room in a high-end house, and the bedrooms are as lovely as they are cozy. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Beth Newcomb

It’s like walking into a perfectly decorated, high-end model home, with every detail—from the charming accents to the immaculate, carefully chosen furnishings—oozing richly appointed appeal. 

“That’s exactly the feeling we were going for,” says Kim Li, community resource director for Greenfield Estates, one of the Alzheimer’s special care centers owned and operated by JEA Senior Living. The other is Cardinal Court, in Strongsville. Both boast the same luxurious presentation at a surprisingly affordable price tag.

Jerry Erwin, owner of JEA, has been in the senior care business for over 35 years. In 1993, following his mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s, he decided to focus on creating specialized care centers with a focus on quality Alzheimer’s care.

“He wanted to build a facility as a tribute to her,” says Briana Arrowood, community resource director for Cardinal Court. “These special care homes are based on a son’s love for his mother.”


Everything, from the colors on the walls to the Meaningful Moments program offered exclusively by the centers, is designed to appease sufferers of dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

“Our programing and how we treat our residents is based on each person’s life story,” says Kim. “Care plans are designed to reflect where our residents have been, to cater to their likes and dislikes and to make their world as comfortable as it can be. We live in their reality; we don’t make them live in ours.”

The Meaningful Moments program is just one of the ways staff members cater to individual needs.

“We spend hours talking to families about their loved ones,” Briana notes.

“We take the life stories of those loved ones and develop plans of care around them. For example, one man used to enjoy playing corn hole, so we bought the game and play it with him.”

“We also set time aside every day for one-on-one interaction with each resident,” Kim adds. “As the disease progresses, they go back in time. We help to keep those memories alive.” 

Security measures abound without detracting from daily living. For example, the centers are each wrapped around a gorgeous courtyard with a trickling water feature, birds and greenery. Residents are free to enter and exit the courtyard as they please, however there is no access to or from the outside world. In each room, motion sensors detect restless behavior and alert the nurses on duty.


Creating a homelike environment was paramount during the design phase, which is why the TV room looks more like the great room in a high-end house, and the bedrooms are as lovely as they are cozy. Cabinets filled with themed memorabilia designed to trigger memories, decrease certain behaviors and start conversations line the extra-wide hallways. With three, all-inclusive room options available (private, semi-private and shared), Briana says Greenfield Estates and Cardinal Court represent a remarkable value.

“We don’t charge a separate fee for every service we offer, and our rates are very competitive,” she notes. “Families really appreciate the fact that all meals, housekeeping, laundry, nursing, snacks, security and levels of care are included.”

“Making the decision to put a loved one in a care facility is heart wrenching,” Kim says.

“It’s actually harder on the families than it is on the residents. The residents love being here. They are safe, happy and cared for and about. Recognizing that it might be time to put a treasured family member in a care facility isn’t easy. We go out of our way to make the transition for everyone involved an easy one.”

Greenfield Estates Alzheimer’s Special Care Center is located at 3522 Commercial Drive, in Copley, 330-664-1650. Cardinal Court Alzheimer’s Special Care Center is at 18719 Drake Road, in Strongsville, 440-268-9180. You can call either of the numbers listed here 24/7/365. Find them online at

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