The formula for fitness success

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Fitness Together is all about results. The team is focused on sticking with their clients every step of the way, and getting them back in shape and on the road to wellness.

By Patricia Nugent

While most fitness programs operate by manipulating all of the things people don’t know about health and fitness, Fitness Together in Medina focuses on educating its clients every step of the way for the best possible outcome. And the formula works.

“We train for real life, going beyond just looking good, but also feeling great—being able to ride bikes with your kids and having the energy to keep up with your hectic everyday schedule,” says owner Erin Mellinger.

“I use the phrase ‘knowledge is power’ a lot. That’s because education is one of our most important goals as trainers. We teach people how functional exercise trains movements, not just muscle groups.”

She mentions as an example the person who faithfully does 100 crunches on the floor every morning in hopes of achieving six-pack abs.

“First of all, stationary crunches don’t even burn many calories,” she says. “And they are a good way to injure your lower back, while working only your upper abdominal muscles. The best plan for a sculpted core is to integrate a series of plank positions, standing twists and medicine ball work that engages all the core muscles.”

Don’t Sweat It: Cardio 101
Erin says that when clients first visit Fitness Together, they don’t really have a clear idea of how cardiovascular training coupled with strength training can change their bodies.

“People think walking their dog is sufficient cardio,” she says. “And while it’s certainly better than sitting on the sofa, just walking doesn’t do much to make your heart and lungs stronger.”

Achieving the just-right amount of cardio—which is what the Cardio Together program within Fitness Together is all about—is a science.

“We take the guesswork out of exercise,” she says.

“We teach people how to measure their heart rate, and prescribe for them the best frequency, intensity and duration of the cardio they engage in. People often get in a rut of hitting the gym and doing the same 20 minutes on a treadmill at the same speed and elevation, and then wonder why they don’t see results.”


“People who stick with our program keep progressing and improving. We have women in their 50s who went from barely being able to do 10 minutes on a treadmill to whipping off intense sprint intervals,” she adds.

Accountability is the Answer
Why do clients who have previously failed at other gyms succeed at Fitness Together?

“I think the answer lies in accountability,” says Erin. “We are all about results, sticking with clients every step of the way and getting them back in shape and on the road to wellness.”

Two nicely appointed private suites are loaded with weight sets, kettle bells, balance balls, battle ropes, kickboxing bags, boxing gloves and every other tool geared toward making a client’s workout plan come to life while keeping them motivated.

Shopping, Cooking, Eating Cleaner 
The Nutrition Together program is another science-based weapon in the arsenal at Fitness Together.

“Our clients have noticed even more dramatic results when coupling training with proper nutrition,” says Erin. “This isn’t dieting; it’s counseling from a nutritionist. There are no supplements, just sound advice on how to change your attitude toward food to achieve a healthier, fitter lifestyle.”

Fitness Together is located within the Medina Signature Square Shopping Center at 3725 Medina Road, Suite #106, in Medina. Hours are Monday through Friday, 5:30 a.m.-9:00 p.m.; and Saturday, 5:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Call 330-952-0833, or visit for more information.