Should you enroll in Medicare or not?

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Aging into Medicare doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start participating in Medicare Part B.

By Roni Bell, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency

What do you do when you turn 65 and are covered under your spouse’s healthcare insurance plan? Do you stay on that plan or transition over to Medicare?

There is a lot of information out there about what to do, and it can get confusing. But it’s important to know you do have options.

Aging into Medicare doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start participating in Medicare Part B. Many of the clients I have who are new 65s with coverage under a spouse decide to stay with the plan they’re in for the time being and then schedule a free review with me to determine which option, whether remaining on that plan or switching to Medicare, is best for them.

New 65s have a seven-month enrollment period, three months before their birth month, their birth month, and then three months after their birth month to enroll in Medicare. Most people need to apply for Medicare through Social Security.

If you’ve worked 40 quarters in your lifetime, paying Social Security and Medicare taxes, you will be eligible for Medicare Part A without paying premiums. The first step toward getting Medicare is to apply four to five months before you turn 65.

In some cases, staying with your spouse’s employer-sponsored plan is a great value, in others, leaving that plan and switching to Medicare makes the most sense—for both you and your spouse.

The reality is there is no set answer until you have a review. It’s absolutely worth looking at and I invite you to give me a call to get started.

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