Shimmer Spa has created gorgeous services and specials to help you get your holiday glow on

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Melanie Rongone (left) opened Shimmer Spa earlier this year with a natural and organic philosophy that’s been a huge hit. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

The delightful ladies behind Shimmer Spa in Strongsville are putting a little pamper and posh into their holiday celebration, with service specials, spa parties and festive gifts for everyone on your list.

“This time of year, we all want to look our best, whether it’s gorgeous skin and sparkling makeup, or embellished nails and stylish hair,” says owner Melanie Rongone, who is a licensed skincare cosmetologist. She opened the spa earlier this year with a natural and organic philosophy that’s been a huge hit.

She says custom-blending cosmetics for clients is a niche that has really taken off.

“Many women are not wearing the most flattering foundation for their skin, in terms of undertone as well as finish,” she says. “We blend our own products to ensure the best quality ingredients, including anti-aging peptides, to treat your skin all day long. And our foundations have twice the amount of pigment as store-bought ones, so the overall effect is stunning.”

Rounding out the boutique at the spa is shopping galore, from Image Skincare products to organic lotions, soaps, loose tea and adorable gift sets.

A Younger-Looking You
“Our advanced treatments can take clients further than ever before in terms of skin rejuvenation,” says Melanie.

Few treatments are as effective for unveiling softer, smoother skin than Microdermaplaning, in which a medical straight blade gently moves over the skin, eliminating peach fuzz and dead skin cells, reducing acne scarring and fine lines, and promoting smoother skin by allowing for better absorption of products and serums.

“Clients always fear the hair will grow back darker or thicker, but that is simply not the case,” she says.

Rounding out the boutique at Shimmer Spa is shopping galore, from Image Skincare products to organic lotions, soaps, loose tea and adorable gift sets.

Their most popular skin treatment is currently the Crystal Microdermabrasion Facial, which alleviates fine lines and scarring, and boosts skin’s natural collagen production to help firm skin.

The massage therapists here are bustling with bespoke treatments to soothe muscles and release tension, including relaxation massage, deep tissue massage and hot stone massage.

With a nail department of service stations and pedicure massage thrones, Shimmer offers classic manicures, gel manicures and specialty services such as nail art, crystals and 3-D work. For the tootsies, don’t miss the Tea Tree Peppermint Jelly Pedicure with warm aromatherapy.

Grab Your Besties and Join the Fun
In the months of January and February, the spa is throwing in a bevy of free upgrades for party goers.

“Our arrangement of treatment rooms surrounding our ultra-relaxing central spa lounge works out wonderfully for parties of three to 15 people,” says Melanie. “We’ve thrown quite a few bachelorette parties, where the girls come in to decorate and set up food and drinks. Once ladies realize they can throw a special gathering here in a chill atmosphere, they love it.”

Warmer Breezes Wafting Your Way
When the deep freeze hits and you want to dive for a blanket, the thoughtful ladies have just the winter antidote: Beach Weeks. Mark your calendar for Sunday to Sunday, February 9-23. A tropical tidal wave of uplifting products and services (Pineapple Pedi, anyone?) will make its way to Shimmer. Check their Facebook and site for updates.

“We want our clients to feel uplifted and pampered even if it’s the dead of winter,” says Melanie.

Shimmer Spa is located at 20884 Royalton Road in Strongsville. Hours are Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, call 440-783-1473. You can book appointments online at