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Disrupting an industry and getting connected with Proper Access

Disrupting an industry takes planning, fortitude and bravery. Uber did it during the economic crisis of 2008, launching during one of the worst housing crises in our history. Airbnb started around the same time in the founders’ living room, with nothing but an air mattress and a dream. At Proper Access, we’re determined to have the same...

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Learn how you can get in on the ground floor of the SpencerFi internet revolution

When Netflix was a DVD rental service, the company approached then-giant Blockbuster asking if the leader in the industry wanted to buy the failing newcomer. After a meeting with Blockbuster’s CEO, who said, “I can’t wait for this company [Netflix] to die.” Netflix was laughed out of the room. That rub bathed the folks at Netflix in fresh...

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Investing in the future and getting connected with Proper Access

Getting in on the ground floor of a new venture can be exciting. Wouldn’t we all have loved to have been a part of the Microsoft launch? Or Amazon? Or any of the investment opportunities that have passed us by only to watch others cash in? Sean O’Brien I can’t promise to make you rich, but what I can promise is that you’ll be a...

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Proper Access: Your personal IT peeps

I spent eight years in the military with top-secret security clearance. As the CEO of Proper Access, the training I received comes into play every day. In addition to having consistent access to the internet, complete with the speed required to keep up with the demands of today’s work and home life, people want to feel confident that the...

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Proper Access helps your need for speed

Across the state of Ohio, many people are struggling to connect. What I mean by that is super-slow internet service is making it impossible for them to Zoom, run all their Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets, and surf online without the lag. The need to virtually connect to the outside world continues to be paramount. But the internet of today isn’t...

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