Remodeling with Impact: Take your inside space and make it better

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Impact can provide you with kitchen remodeling design inspiration, or work with you to bring your own vision to life.

By Laura Briedis

When you ask Joe Chiera if he prefers outdoor landscaping jobs or indoor home remodeling projects, he says it’s like picking your favorite child. You can’t because you love them equally.

As co-owner, along with his wife, Kristen, of Impact Landscape & Home Remodeling, Joe and his staff are uniquely qualified to handle all aspects of home remodeling—and they make outdoor and indoor designs seamless.

“Though most of us have been spending time in our backyards and enjoying the extra space outdoor living affords, it is inevitable that here in Northeast Ohio we eventually will have to scurry indoors once the weather takes that dreaded turn,” says Joe. “And once we move back indoors, we want to have a beautiful and functional space for family and friends to gather, so now is the time to start your indoor home remodeling projects.”

Whether you want to create a master bathroom, finish your basement or build your dream kitchen, Impact can help with any remodeling project.

Spa Bathrooms
Once built for necessity, the master bathroom is now more of a place where you can rest and relax.

“We have been working with homeowners to repurpose space from their master bedroom to make room for a larger bathroom and closet because it is more functional,” says Joe. “We have been creating bathrooms that features a curbless wet room, where the tub and shower are designed so the entire area can get wet. We only need about 60 square feet to add a wet room to any bathroom remodel. With a curbless shower and no walls, the space feels bigger than it really is.”

Natural elements including stone, marble and wood can be mixed together to exude a spa vibe.

Impact can create a wet room that features a curbless shower, allowing the space to feel larger and more open.

Multipurpose Basements
One of the easiest ways to add more usable space—sometimes even doubling square footage—is to finish your basement.

Impact has been remodeling basements that are first-floor worthy, with beautiful flooring, lighting and design elements. So whether you want to add a family hang-out space, home gym, movie room, kid’s playroom, or bar and game room, Impact can transform your basement.

Impact has been remodeling basements that are first-floor worthy, with beautiful flooring, lighting and design elements.

Culinary Centerpiece
Always considered the heart of the home, the kitchen remains one of the best returns on investments when it comes to remodeling.

“Homeowners can recoup up to 75 percent of their kitchen remodeling costs so it can be viewed as more of an investment than an expense,” says Joe.

“There are so many design options we can show you, or you can bring us your ideas and we will bring them to life,” he notes. “Now that the season is changing, it is time to focus on the inside of the home.”

Impact Landscape & Home Remodeling is located at 1410 Medina Road in Medina. For a free estimate, call 330-848-0036. Visit to see a portfolio of home renovations and landscaping projects.