Radial Shockwave Therapy from Finesse Footcare could get you back on your feet pain-free

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By Patricia Nugent

Burning, itching, stabbing heel pain can make every step intolerable for the sufferer. As the primary shock absorber to your whole body, when something goes wrong with this hard-working joint, the consequences can be dire.

Dr. Danielle Shaper, founder of Finesse Footcare in Lyndhurst, reports that her patients have had excellent outcomes with Radial Shockwave Therapy.

“This is an effective alternative to surgery for heel pain, which is one of the most common ailments my patients suffer from,” she says.

Here’s how it works. Waves of mechanical energy from a hand-held device penetrate deeply into tissues. Pulsed energy heals inflamed tissue by increasing circulation on a cellular level and boosting the immune system’s natural response.

There’s no downtime with Radial Shockwave Therapy. Patients can leave the office and go about their day, even go for a run if they wish. Most patients feel immediate relief after the first treatment, and then lasting relief after three to six weekly treatments. It’s a great fit for patients who are teenagers through seniors.

Dr. Shaper also recently introduced regenerative medicine to her patients through FDA-regulated amnion injections. The substance channels the body’s natural ability to heal itself, and at the same time combats inflammation.

Through state-of-the-art digital X-rays, Dr. Shaper can get a clear picture of each patient’s foot structure in an effort to pinpoint a diagnosis and determine a course of treatment.

In addition to heel pain, she treats foot and ankle issues ranging from ingrown toenails to bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, corns, warts, calluses, sprained ankles, diabetic footcare and spurs.

Finesse Footcare is located at 5035 Mayfield Road in Lyndhurst. Same-day appointments are usually available. Call 216-382-8070 or visit FinesseFootcare.com for more information.