Personal Amish Cleaners is now Home Town CLEaners, but the personal Amish touch remains

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All cleaning supplies, including vacuums and fresh rags at each stop, are included unless the client prefers to furnish products. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Nina Polien Light

Daniel Krotz inherited the cleaning gene.

“My whole family cleans houses,” he says. “My mom has been cleaning professionally for 40 years. When we were younger, she would take us kids with her and show us the most efficient way to clean. We’ve all been brought up around it.”

A passion for making people’s homes sparkle serves him well as the co-owner of Home Town CLEaners, the Huntsburg-based company he runs with Kenneth Petersen, his buddy and sister Adeline’s longtime boyfriend.

The two young entrepreneurs purchased the client list from Jerry Tamburro’s Personal Amish Cleaners in December 2018 and rebranded it in January to reflect their commitment to Northeast Ohio. Jerry, who founded the well-regarded business several years ago, decided to pursue another business opportunity.

Daniel and Kenneth continue to work with their already established clients, and Adeline, and other family members, work with them as well. They add their own personal touch to the family-owned and operated business. Most of Jerry’s clients have stuck with Home Town CLEaners and are delighted with the transition.

As was the case with Daniel and Kenneth’s predecessor, their crews dust, vacuum, mop, scrub bathrooms, change bed linens, and scour kitchens. They also clean windows and perform other tasks, with notice. All cleaning supplies, including vacuums and fresh rags at each stop, are included unless the client prefers to furnish products.

“People say they’ve had the same cleaning person for years, but after one time with us, they think we’re the best,” Kenneth notes.

Each three-member crew consists of a uniformed foreman and two Amish women. Foremen’s uniforms change seasonally to reflect hometown pride in the Browns, Indians, and other sports teams.

Clients know their home is in good hands because the company is insured and bonded, and the same crew visits regular customers’ homes each time—whether they opt for weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleanings. Clients may remain at home during the cleaning or give the foreman a garage code or key.

“I have a keyring just for my clients,” Kenneth says. “Some people leave a key for us in a designated inconspicuous place, but I never leave it there when we’re done cleaning. I put it on the counter (and lock the door from the inside), so the customer’s house is secure until they get home.”

Home Town CLEaners works throughout Northeast Ohio, although there is a surcharge for areas that are more than an hour’s drive away. The company charges $90 per hour, with most homes requiring about 90 minutes to clean. The men say they and their crews are young and fit, enabling them to work faster than other cleaning services.

Kenneth and Daniel base their business model on connectability and flexibility. Because crews visit the same homes each time, they form friendships with clients. Foremen maintain phone contacts for their regular clients, are easily reachable, and are open to switching cleaning days and times when schedules permit.

“We have an entrepreneurial drive,” says Kenneth.

“But we want to keep the heart—the connectivity and friendliness. Getting 15 new clients is great, but retaining those clients for 15 years is better. That’s when you’re a good company.”

In addition to being efficient cleaners, both men have worked in the service industry—Kenneth as a nursing assistant and Daniel in restaurants. Both sought a more traditional work schedule that allowed them to spend more time with their families while providing a valuable service to others.

The men offer regular clients $25 off a cleaning with every referral. Now, they are extending a $25 discount on one cleaning during the month of April to first-time customers who mention Mimi.

Home Town CLEaners is available to clean homes Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. For more information or to schedule a cleaning, call Kenneth Petersen at 440-321-6070.

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