Perfecting the horse and the rider at Lookaway Farm

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Lookaway Farm offers riding lessons for adults as well as children. Lessons are focused on individual goals, so each student has his or her own program depending on the level of horsemanship—from casual to competitive.

By Olivia Bloom

Horseback riding is a pursuit that can be explored at any stage of a person’s life, from age three to 103. Medina’s Lookaway Farm offers custom, individualized riding lessons to budding equestrians of all ages and abilities.   

At Lookaway Farm, you can learn compassion, patience, responsibility, respect—and how to stay in the saddle. 

“Horseback riding is a very athletic pursuit,” says Kathleen Flower, the riding instructor and co-owner of Lookaway Farm. The equestrian center has an established breeding program that has shown world-class Morgan horses for more than 40 years.

“Riding is a wonderful form of exercise, toning virtually every muscle group as well as improving coordination,” Kathleen shares.

“Riders enjoy being outdoors in the fresh air on a real farm,” she adds, noting that Lookaway Farm is set on 12 acres with an indoor and outdoor riding arena.

“Learning to ride encompasses so much more than just having fun. Horseback riding instills confidence.”

Growing up around horses and starting to ride soon after she could walk, Kathleen became an accomplished equestrian. She won her first world champion title in Oklahoma when she was just 15 years old. Since then, her love of animals as well as the sport of riding has been shared with those she has trained. In fact, several of her students have become world, national and regional champions.

“While we are proud to have trained many riders who have been awarded blue ribbons, our main focus is on introducing more people to the benefits of horseback riding,” she comments. 

A typical beginner rider starts with one lesson each week. As he or she progresses, more lessons can be added.

“Our lessons are focused on individual goals, so each student has his or her own program,” explains Kathleen. “We tailor each lesson to the needs of the student and the horse. No matter which level of horsemanship you want to achieve, our instructors can help you get there.”

In addition to lessons, Lookaway Farm will offer camps this summer, held at the barn, to teach children ages seven to 12 basic riding skills and how to tack up a horse. Arts, crafts and other activities will also be included. 


“The horse and rider develop a close bond with each other,” Kathleen says. “It’s particularly rewarding to see a young child’s sense of compassion and responsibility grow.”

Lookaway Farm also offers adult riding lessons. You are never too old to learn something new, points out Kathleen, who says she conducts lessons for students ranging from three-year-olds to seniors.

“One of my students is a woman who decided to take up a new sport after she retired,” Kathleen says. “She has been riding here for the past three years and even has participated in several shows. It just goes to show that you are never too old to find a new passion in life.”

Lookaway Farm is located at 6980 Boneta Road in Medina. For a lesson schedule or to sign up for summer camp, call 330-620-8106 or visit for more information.