Now is the time to prepare for sunny days ahead with help from Williams Landscaping & Pavers

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With a stunning outdoor oasis courtesy of Williams Landscaping & Pavers, you’ll be ready to take on spring 2021 with confidence.

By Adam Cook

We’re on our way to getting back to normal, and we can look forward to better days ahead over the spring and summer months. With the pandemic putting many of our plans on hold last year, why settle for more of the same when an outdoor living space puts the escape you’ve longed for right at your doorstep?

Look no further than your backyard.

Williams Landscaping & Pavers, the outdoor living professionals in Northeast Ohio, can help you take charge of your destiny today, making your backyard the destination for members of your household, or, when you decide the time is right, for safe social gatherings.

When done right, an outdoor living space opens the door to a world of possibilities. Owner Brian Williams has the right advice to make sure you get the most out of your backyard.

For over 20 years, Williams Landscaping & Pavers owner Brian Williams and his staff of trained horticulturists, hardscape experts, skilled carpenters, and dedicated laborers have committed to making each clients’ dream of a backyard oasis come true.

Five Steps to Ensure a Seamless Backyard Transformation

Step 1: Hiring the right company and planning your project.
Brian advises that you should take your time looking for and researching the right company for your project. The cold winter months give you plenty of time to do your due diligence. “If you hire the wrong company and they rush through the planning process, you’re not going to be happy with the result,” he says. “Now and over the winter, time is on our side so we can work with you to deliver a design that’s everything you envisioned, in a way that’s practical and functional.”

The only cost is your time—Williams Landscaping & Pavers does not charge for consultations. “I’ll collaborate with clients for as long they need, to get the design they want from every angle,” says Brian. “For every design, there is a color sketch, a topo drawing for a top-down perspective, and a 3D rendering. And you should look at more than one design. That might work for some contractors, but we’re never satisfied with that.” Rather than draw on a small sample, the right team in your corner can show you a world of possibilities. The design and planning phase could take up to three weeks.

Backed by a five-year warranty and yearly inspections, Williams Landscaping’s work ensures you’ll always be on top of your backyard.

Step 2: Selecting the materials.
“Take the time to research materials, colors and textures, and visit some nurseries or stone yards. We always bring idea and material catalogs and samples of materials, but it’s best to get the whole perspective by visiting existing displays,” says Brian. “Everything needs to work in harmony.”

Brian notes that your outdoor space should be your oasis. The materials, textures and colors should get you to that relaxing state of mind. “The right elements around you make you feel like the champion of backyards, anchoring your experience and providing a firm foundation,” Brian comments.

A functional outdoor kitchen by Williams Landscaping & Pavers can bring the outside world in for a BBQ or brick oven pizza or keep the world at bay with water features like a poolside waterfall or ornamental fountains as you drift away.

Step 3: Getting started on the project.
You can plan to have your ideal project installed, but is it built on a solid, long-lasting foundation? Your foundation is the main support of your investment. After demolition and excavation, having a solid foundation professionally installed will do many things—the most important being supporting a lifetime of enjoyment in your outdoor living space.

Step 4: Reviewing the project.
Be sure to review your project before the company breaks ground, during the construction as much as necessary and after its completion. “If you got this far and followed the steps, it’s mostly for your peace of mind,” Brian mentions. “That’s what outdoor living is all about.” The “before” walk-through helps to visually lay out your project. “You should even “play house” in your space,” he suggests, “by pretending how you will interact with your soon-to-be outdoor living oasis. This is like a brainstorming session, and at this point you might think of something you’ve otherwise forgotten that’s beneficial to your space. It might sound silly, but many clients do this.”

During the construction, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the progress. At any step along the way with Williams Landscaping & Pavers, there is always an opportunity to make a change. After completion, a walk-through will give you peace of mind that everything is where it should be.

An outdoor living space opens the door to a world of possibilities.

Step 5: Maintaining your investment.
“‘How do I take care of it?’ is often what clients ask us,” Brian notes. “At the completion phase, we will hand the client a maintenance guide, all warranties of all products, and a five-year maintenance plan.”

The Williams Landscaping & Pavers five-year maintenance plan includes a meeting with the client once a year for five years to inspect the work.

“If a repair is needed, we will repair it. If product is damaged and covered under warranty, we replace it. If something simply needs freshened up, we do that, too—and we do it all for free,” Brian smiles.

Williams Landscaping & Pavers is located at 800 Barchard Street in Grafton. Get on the schedule for the 2021 season now to get started on your dream outdoor living space. Call 440-476-9135 or visit for more information.

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