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If you haven’t been to Design Surfaces Tile & Stone lately, it’s everything you love—and more

With a newly renovated showroom, recent rebranding, several product line introductions and additions to the staff, if you haven’t been to Design Surfaces Tile & Stone lately, you really haven’t been there at all. “Doing things differently has always been the machine that drives us,” says owner David Coticchia. “Renovating your home...

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Designing your own kitchen

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” according to Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu. But how does a kitchen project begin? “The first step is a design,” suggests Scott Powers, sales manager of Kiba Studio, Medina’s kitchen and bath showroom. Below, Scott explains more. Q: How do you begin to design a new...

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Katy Dix Brahler has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in real estate in Bay Village and Rocky River

In the fast-paced, unpredictable world of real estate, you don’t rise to the top and stay there for 27 years without having a keen sense of what’s next. I sat down with local Re/Max Realtor Katy Dix Brahler to catch a glimpse into her crystal ball about where the market on Cleveland’s west side—especially Bay Village and Rocky...

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Join our fanny club

It has always been remarkable for me to watch how the attitude of my patients completely transforms from their first visit to their last. At their first appointment, my patients are often timid, scared, and a little embarrassed to even talk about their problem. Many have been suffering in silence, sometimes for decades, before seeking...

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A Final Thought: Facebook Memories

I gave up Facebook in May of 2020. We were still reeling from the Covid lockdown and my Facebook feed was filled with misinformation and vitriol. In addition, the Democrats were about to hold their convention to choose a presidential candidate to run against Donald Trump, and my friends on the left and right were fighting like children in a...

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